Our technology has never been more advanced. We pride ourselves on launching rockets into space, traveling in flying cars, and utilizing immersive VR headsets. And yet, it feels like we have reverted to the past. What is a modern society without compassion, empathy, or humanity? 

These past weeks have been difficult to say the least. AAPI hate crimes have been spiking since the beginning of COVID and people are just now speaking up. I’m scared for my grandparents who go out every week to buy groceries. I’m scared for my parents, scared for myself. 

The worst part is scrolling through social media, feeing empowered by this change but seeing yet another hate crime against the Asian community. In reality, this racism has existed since the beginning, even before the pandemic. COVID has only revealed the true colors of this nation. 

Too many times, being Asian has triggered many accounts of street harassment for friends and family alike. I hear my immigrant family talk about how classmates would pull back their eyes and taunt them. I hear my Asian friends talk about how people would spit at their feet on the streets and call them “chink”. 

And still, our feelings are invalidated. Our voices are silenced. Because we are known as the “model minority” who bear lighter skin tones of privilege. To society, we couldn’t possibly experience what our black brothers and sisters feel on a daily basis.

But we are fighting our own war. We are battling the same type of demons, formed from the same type of hatred. We are in this together. We should be in this together. If only, we were in this together. 

For now, let us mourn the victims of a flawed society. Justice has failed them. Let us ensure that their deaths were not in vain. 

Say their names: 
Soon C. Park
Suncha Kim
Yong A. Yue
Hyun J. Grant
Xiaojie Tan
Delaina Yaun 
Daoyou Feng
Paul Andre Michels

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