distance in chameleon romance

Tell me
what happened
between you two.
Tell me what she did to you.
These wounds that are healing,
or that I have reopened.
Tell me, what did she do
to have left you
in pieces more than two.

Why do you shut down?
Why does your warmth
freeze to ice?
Why do eyes
turn to indifference?
Why do we no longer entice?

Tell me why apologies and behavior
are playing cat and mouse.
Why you wear the mask of redundancy.
Why you come and leave
like a wave at sea.
Except there is expectancy in waves.

Tell me why
you pull away, why you guard
like I am hazard.
Why my tries of remedy
are only trashed and tattered.

I want
to hug the hurt out of you.
To kiss it away. To guard you
from the pain and dismay
that loses, wins and plays
with your mind
day by day.

But instead I am shut out.
Like an avalanche that falls upon me.
Your silence is the snow.
Your reasoning, gravity.

My calls for help
are second guessed
for I do not want to scream
misfortune onto my chest.

So we have silence.
We have an ending.
You have walked us to the finish line
and crossed it before me.
Yet we are both still out of breath.
We are both still heaving.

I reminisce on all that played out.
But nostalgia does not treat.
Yet it is all I have
to heal with.
It is all you have given me.

- nicole territo

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