Buying a Home During COVID-19: Resources for House Hunters

Buying a house during a pandemic is a bit more complicated. Real estate agents, home inspectors, title agents and others involved in real estate transactions are still adapting to new technology that minimizes the need for in-person meetings. As a house hunter, you’ll also need to adapt to an entirely new process when closing on your next home. ANDWHY hopes these resources can help.  

Tools for Taking Tours

Many realtors are offering virtual tours and open houses in order to practice social distancing. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with how this works, as well as the tools you might need to use to take virtual tours.  

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Get Familiar with Home Inspections 

Many home inspections are completed virtually as well. And if you can’t meet with a home inspector in person during this time, it helps to learn about what might come up during an inspection report.

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Despite COVID-19, it’s still possible to tour and buy the home of your dreams. During this time, you’ll just have to adjust to the idea of virtual tours as you search around for the perfect home. And when you decide, keep in mind that other aspects of the transaction might be handled remotely as well.

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