What is your dream, and why?

That is the question we want to revolve a lot of our content on. The reason why we ask people that is because their story of who they are and how they got there starts to reveal itself.

We want ANDWHY. to be a place where dreamers are inspired to do. We do that by sharing stories of those who are particularly following theirs, whether they are successful or not. Whether it’s supported or not. Whether they are certain or not.

The goal is to start challenging old conventional ways of thought and to critically think about current society. What is it can we do better? What is it that we’re not educated about? And WHY is that? How can we be better? Who should we look to be an example?

ANDWHY. isn’t trying to school you but is here to give you deep insights that you can then decide how it should/will influence you.

We dream to be meaningful storytellers that will impact people and to be that, we need to stop dreaming…and start doing.

Why is it called media?

ANDWHY. Media contains a Magazine on Issuu.com, Podcast, and a Youtube channel. This multi-channel methodology compelled us to call it media instead of just ANDWHY. Mag, which it originally was.

Our Founder

Annie Law is a lil’ bit of everything and wants to tap into every part of society on a global scale.

ANDWHY. was originally her self-titled blog called ANNIEXJL, which was her outlet to express her thirst for knowledge and her understanding of why things are the way they are– from sustainability to why there isn’t world peace. After starting her magazine called ANDWHY., she realized that her stories or anyone else’s stories were never fully theirs. It’s actually a collection of stories that we collect from experiences that integrate each other. Her love of sharing stories with people on a intimate level pushed her to completely change the direction of her blog. Hence, ANDWHY. is born.

In another angle, Annie is a native New Yorker who is currently a student at Fashion Institute of Technology, studying Marketing + Communications. She aspires to be someone people can rely on for help in areas regarding life and career. With her love for psychology, philosophy, design, photography, and much more, she wants to be a representative of passionate and creative Asian Americans. The biggest goal of hers is to tell stories that are untold and unwritten. Whether that be through stories of her own, of others, or through simple creativity.

Our Creative Director

Grace Tran is a young creative currently experimenting with different hobbies, from photography to graphic design. As a daughter of a refugee, she is constantly inspired by her hard-working father, who never stops encouraging her. 

She attends the Fashion Institute of Technology, pursuing a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. She has always been an active member of the feminist community, using her love for fashion as a form of empowerment. After meeting Annie through mutual friends and connecting with ANDWHY’s mission, she became a writer of the ANDWHY community, using her platform to shed light on feminism and mental health, among other topics. She has yet to discover what she truly wishes to accomplish but for now, the 18-year-old keeps an open mind on what’s to come.

Our Author

Kayla McFadden is a recent graduate from FIT’s Fashion Design program.  She will be attending International Fashion Academy Paris to complete her Bachelor’s degree in 2021-2022.  Kayla is very passionate about sustainability and hopes to help the fashion industry become more eco-friendly.  She is currently developing her own clothing line that incorporates slow fashion, natural fibers, and dead stock fabric.

Our Author

Ashley Hajimirsadeghi may be young, but she is a hungry creative looking for meaning in the little details scattered throughout our lives. She is a multimedia artist and an award-winning writer, as she truly believes in the idea that artistic forms of expression can help heal trauma and build bridges. Born and raised in Baltimore, a city created of both devotion & hardship, she holds a fondness towards Seoul, NYC, and Washington D.C. 

She is graduating in 2021 from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS in International Trade and Marketing and is hoping to use her skillset to build a more sustainable & kind world. She thinks ANDWHY is a perfect place for that.

Our Author

Francis Lam was born and raised in New York City. Her hobbies include creating graphics, taking photos, and eating all kinds of delicious food.

She has a passion for interaction design and is currently studying at Queens College. She’s a college student who loves to munch on midnight snacks while watching k-dramas, c-dramas, j-dramas, and anime you name it. She has always been inspired to help promote sustainability and caught up with her high school friend Annie and decided to become a writer for ANDWHY. She will be using this platform to talk about self love, minimalism, body positivity, food, and much more. She’s still exploring and hopes to inspire others to love themselves.

Our Author

Amy Yin is an aspiring marketing professional and sustainable fashion advocate born in New York City. She has a strong passion for creative art, mental health awareness, and second-hand shopping. During her free time, she enjoys painting, thrifting, and socializing with her friends. Her dream is to start her own sustainable fashion brand as she is inspired by her hardworking mother who is an entrepreneur that started her own business.

She is currently attending CUNY Baruch College, pursuing a degree in marketing management + graphic communications. As a fashion enthusiast, she recently started to become eco-conscious of her surroundings and change her habits through an eco-friendly lifestyle such as thrifting. She joined ANDWHY as she resonates their mission of sharing stories and dreams. After connecting with Annie from high school, she became one of the writers of the ANDWHY community in hopes of using this platform to share her insights in fashion sustainability, beauty, mental health and wellness. For her, learning never stops. She is determined to learn new skills, connect with others and take on new challenges.