Canadian Fashion Blogger Taking The Industry By Storm

In the ever-shifting, glamorous world of fashion, blogger Eli Garcia is a force to be reckoned with. With an impressive Instagram following of over 100K, she emerges herself into the latest trends gripping the industry. Since 2011, her blog, Eli In the Walk-In, showcases her fashion expertise. From monochromatic looks to styling tweed blazers, the Canadian influencer’s hard-earned spotlight in such a competitive industry makes her all the more accomplished. 

When it comes to her career, Garcia considers it difficult to pinpoint a single moment. A woman of many achievements, she recalls a few of her most unforgettable experiences, including her first John Galliano show in Paris, an interview with Flash Fashion of Colombia, becoming a guest speaker at Panama Fashion Week, and her first fashion magazine cover. As her career developed, Garcia’s experiences in the fashion industry largely impacted her self-confidence and she was able to believe in her success. 

“I’m most proud of being able to reinvent myself year over year without compromising my style, my beliefs, and my integrity,” wrote Garcia, who considered this a difficult thing to do in the unpredictable world of fashion.

In addition to career, Garcia is passionate about women’s rights and acknowledges sexism in the industry. Though the fashion industry is female-dominated, it is the men who pull the ropes. In a 2018 article by New York magazine, The Cut, a survey incorporating 191 fashion companies emphasized where that female fashion students are facing a tremendous lack of ambition due to gender-based obstacles, such as struggling with family responsibilities, sexism, and lack of mentorship. 100% of women interviewed viewed gender-inequality in the industry, compared to roughly 50% of men. Garcia is no stranger to these statistics, having faced sexism in the industry herself. 

“We keep seeing cases of abuse and lack of opportunities,” she explained, “I would love to see more women in positions of power, more women in CEO and Board of Directors positions taking decisions and implementing change to make the industry where we can have equal opportunities.”

Everyone needs a little bit of uplifting in times of cynicism and defeat. When asked what advice she would give to her younger, less-experienced self, Garcia wrote, BELIEVE, in all caps. “If I knew all the good things that Fashion would bring back in 2011, I would’ve spent more time working hard and less time crying because things didn’t turn out how I’d hoped. It’s never easy and it takes time and sacrifice but in the end, it’s totally worth doing what you love.”  

During my transaction with Garcia, I could feel her passion through the screen. She views fashion as a form of art and thoroughly enjoys observing the way designers break existing barriers. She described her admiration for designers, who effortlessly create new collections while developing trends and exploring contemporary color palettes. To someone as passionate as Garcia, fashion never gets tedious. 

In 2021, Garcia is looking forward to a year of healing, after what she described to be an “extremely painful” 2020. She hopes to further her fashion career through collaborations and even return to the runways of New York and Paris, the fashion capitals of the world. After celebrating 10 years of her blog in the midst of the pandemic, Garcia is eager for the world to resume. As she gears up to conquer any of the challenges heading her way, the fashion blogger is simultaneously ready to embrace her future victories.  

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