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Holding your diploma in one hand and your graduation cap in the other, it’s hard not to feel relief. Three days following that day, the fear of failure creeps in.

When you graduate, the world is at your feet. You can do anything you want with the newfound free time. The guilt sinks in when you want to do your own thing, but your own thing means no financial stability. Meanwhile, applying for a job has gotten harder due to an unprecedented pandemic.

Let’s cue the dramatic music because the world suddenly feels like it’s ending.

The culmination of questions starts to become a bubble about to burst. They seem impossible to answer when there’s no direct guidance. However, don’t let that stagnant you.

If you are facing this right now, know that you’re not alone. Let that fear be a motivator to succeed and thrive under your terms. Don’t let this fear sit and muddle your chance to be happy.

I encourage you to try to focus on what you can do and take a step, any step, forward. In each step, you’ll find that the answer to your questions become clear.

If you need additional encouragement, here is our podcast to check out entrepreneurs who struggled after college but didn’t give up on their dreams.

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Remember to keep learning after college! That is just one way.

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