ANDWHY. Magazine #3 : VENUS

Thank you for joining us on our third issue of ANDWHY. This issue is all about the beauty of being a woman. We documented empowering women’s successes and their stories as to how they got there. We uplifted small creators, writers, and artists. And we offered women the space to express and tell their stories in any medium that they please.

ANDWHY. Magazine #2

Our second magazine features the work of Grace Tran and Annie Law. In this issue, we listed some of our top performing articles, and included other amazing articles in it as well. We’re happy to say that we have sold 4 copies of this magazine to those who have pre-ordered on our site! If you’re interested in purchasing, email us from our Contact page.

ANDWHY. Magazine

ANDWHY. Magazine is a subset of ANDWHY. Media. However, the magazine is where it all began! All photography and graphic design is done by the editor herself but stories are by the respective subjects 🙂