A little story time again. I’ve been absent with everyone because I had a lot of classes and my shop. I was also dealing with heartbreak once again. For a little background, check this article for an update. But basically, I fell for a guy who didn’t reciprocate his love for me. It’s been quite some time and I’ve waited for him for a long time. I’ve done some things I wish I didn’t but nothing comes out of regret. I spent this month forgiving and moving past the things that weighed me down.

He reentered my life and then I was wrapped around his finger once again. He then left again for reasons I can only understand. However, the pain overwhelmed me and I went to some dark places I haven’t visited in quite awhile. Understanding this is who I am, I had to forgive myself for making mistakes. I’m 19. There’s so much out there for me. There’s so much to learn.

I got some sleep and I put some things in my life on hold. I got myself to the gym and ran as much as I can. I ate well and cried when I needed to. Listened to a butt load of music that inspired me to move on like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

The story is that pain can only last for so long. Like my heartbreak article, I’m again refreshed to see the life I was made for. I have so much I want to do. I have so much I want to see.

I want to finally cut my hair, get tattoos that I’ve wanted for a while, spend money on stupid things that will last me a long time, spoil my family and friends, and spend money to travel to places I can. Ugh, can’t wait.

If you are going through the same things, I just want to say that it really does get better. It happened for a reason and often times, you won’t know that reason until you take the first step to move on.

Things will be more clear, I promise.


Annie <3

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