If you COVID-19 was a person and you were able to talk to them…what would you say? This is what I would say…

“Dear Covid-19, 

You are strong, powerful, and effective. You brought nations to their knees. You brought fear to the people. You brought light to deep rooted racism. You brought death to the innocent. You are evil. 

But I must say something. You also brought community and unity to the people. You brought light to undervalued essential workers. You brought a lesson to be grateful for the little things in life. And you brought the meaning of life and how fragile it is. 

I’m grateful that you served as such a wake up call to the people of the entire world. I’m grateful that you have served yourself as a reminder that all of us are one. To remind us that division serves us no justice. Hate garners no love. And that peace has to be earned. 

However, you are not welcomed here..not for long. Because what’s more powerful than you is people’s faith in good. And what’s going to continue to fight are the people on the front lines…the important essential workers who are keeping nation’s running. 

So please, soften your heart COVID-19. Be the bigger person. You can be stronger and more powerful that way.


Annie “

In a time where fear overwhelms and sadness overfills, it’s easy to fall in the trap of the virus. He did take away a lot and for some, their everything. But he didn’t take away our rights to joy and happiness. Stand strong you guys. And if you’re an essential worker…thank you.

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