Starting a company is not easy but it’s not impossible. Will it come with trials and tribulations? Yes, but so does a lot of things in life. ANDWHY wants to be here to inspire you to do the things you have dreamed of and to share stories and examples of people who are doing so. Below are six fashion designers who are still in school that have started their own brands. They are empowering and hard working, pushing forward a narrative that we don’t have to stay within our limits and we can do something more.


Hollis started her T-Shirt brand when she was in 14 years old!! She pitched an idea to her parents and was able to earn their investment. That started an amazing entrepreneurial journey. She is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying fashion design. Her goal is to expand her line, combining her fashion design skills.

Check out her shop here!


Emerson is also currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying fashion design. She started her own line when she was in high school, hand making everything. She recently launched a new line with 25% of proceeds going to different organizations. Her line of clothing is unique with her own touch. Olivia O’Brien even worn one of her clothing sets (SO COOL).

Check out her shop’s Instagram here.


Allison knew she wanted to do fashion design when she was younger. She did a fashion design show at her school and continues her journey at Fashion Institute of Technology. She work different clients to create the garment of their dreams, including our founder, Annie. She even made the dress in the photo above for the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show. It is quite amazing!

Check out her design Instagram here!


Emily followed her fashion design dreams and moved out from her small town in Pennsylvania to NYC! She is also studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and recently started her brand called Eunh, which is the first syllable in her Korean name. This line is created in hopes to merge her love for street wear and traditional Korean wear.

Check out her shop’s Instagram here!


Kayla is also a student at the FIT. She moved to NYC to study fashion design as well. Kayla wanted to start her own brand that focuses on sustainability. She spent a lot of time researching and launched her brand called Shop McFadden where she hand makes everything. During the pandemic, she created stylish masks for people. Her goal is to continue growing her brand and to change the narrative of the fashion industry.

Check out her shop here!


Katherine is a junior at Parsons, studying Fashion Design. She loves to create, whether it is art or content creation on Youtube/Instagram. Katherine is an international student from Hong Kong but she previously lived in Canada. She is also a makeup artist as well! Super cool! Recently, she started her T-Shirt line in order to learn more on the business side of fashion before she goes ahead and launched her own hand sewn line.

Check our her shop here!

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