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Are you stuck finding a job during a pandemic after graduating from a school where you had to be chin-deep in debt? Well, same here (lol)! Except for the debt part. But that’s beside the point. The point is we’re all struggling, whether we like it or not.

The bright side is that there are many side hustles you can try doing in the comfort of your home, anytime you’d like.

Here are seven of the things I’m doing or am considering doing:


vip kids, ESL, teaching a language, english

VIPKIDS is a platform where English-speaking natives can teach Chinese students English as their second language. Luckily, you don’t need a teaching degree to teach on VIPKIDS. Even better, VIPKIDS is not the only ESL platform like this. There is another one called GoGoKid, and many more.

The pay rate is better if you’re going to teach many classes. They can pay up to 18$ an hour. The con is that you’d have to wake up quite early, depending on your time zone. Since classes are taking place in Beijing Time, you’d have to be up at 5 AM EST. But it’s worth the shot.

Teach homeschoolers on Outschool

outschool, where kids love learning

If you like teaching, but you don’t want to teach ESL students, you can always teach homeschoolers on Outschool. There are many homeschoolers in the United States on Outschool. You can sign up to teach a specialty that you know, whether cooking, singing, math, or rocks. You can teach almost anything!

The great thing about Outschool is that you can dictate how much you get paid for each class, how many students are in that class, and when that class happens. There’s a lot of flexibility to these classes, and they’re extra fun that way. The only con would be that Outschool does take 30% of whatever you earn, and you do have to file taxes on what you make on your own.

Start a blog 

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Although making money from blogging takes a long time, this is still a considerable investment in your future. If you enjoy writing and talking about a specific topic, this might be a feasible option for you. As you gain an audience, you can start selling e-books, optimizing ad dollars, and more.

Even so, this can be an addition to your portfolio, especially if you plan on being a writer, website designer, marketer, and more. Working on your skills through a personal project is always rewarding, no matter what that reward is.

Start a YouTube

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Similar to starting a blog, if you’re creative, then you might like making videos. Even if you don’t have all the best tools and gadgets to make videos, it just might be a venture for you.

YouTube allows creators to make ad dollars for every video they post. If you make evergreen content that is helpful to people, you might find yourself racking up the ad dollars in a year or two. Here’s a video by Natalie Barbu that I watched recently on how much she made on AdSense this year. She was able to make 38k this year, and her top-earning videos are from years prior. See making videos as an investment in your future!

Freelance on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr 

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If you have skills that you think are valuable to other people/businesses, then freelancing might be just right for you. This option is suitable for anyone who has a specialty such as audio editing, proof-reading, writing, graphic designing, website development, and much more.

Similar to Outschool, you can set your rates and work around your schedule. Many people freelance full-time because they enjoy being their own boss and find it rewarding to work on different projects at all times. If that’s you, then give it a go!

Start a business 

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If you’re business savvy, give entrepreneurship a try. Starting a business can be as easy as selling on Etsy to creating a dropshipping store on Shopify. Whether or not these businesses succeed, you’d learn lots of marketing, sales, and creative skills necessary for any job of a similar role.

You can read my older article on how I started my shop on Shopify here.

Sell old items 

thredup recycle reuse repair resell thrift store

Look through your closet or around your house to see what you have. If there’s a particular item that you think will sell in a thrift store, try selling them to a local store.

For clothes, check out thrift stores such as Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and L Train (if you’re in NYC). If you want another option, there’s an online thrift store called ThredUp that take your clothes and pay you for them.

You can also sell your books and vintage decor to Goodwill.

Of course, if you live in a suburban area, you can try having a garage sale!

I hope this article helps you find new streams of income or even your first stream of income. All of these are worth giving a shot, because it’s in taking those chances that you find the opportunities you’re looking for.

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