How to Effectively Grow Your Business Without Caving In to Stress

This is a crazy time to run a business. Covid has increased stress levels in everyday life, and when you throw a business in the mix, it can be downright overwhelming. That said, now also happens to be an opportune time for business owners. But if you can’t manage your stress, you’ll be hard-pressed to reach your full potential — not to mention your health and well-being will suffer along the way.

ANDWHY. Media was created to inspire our readers to chase after their dreams, but for entrepreneurs, that’s often easier said than done. That’s why we’ve provided these practical suggestions for how you can keep stress to a minimum while growing your business, whether you’re starting from scratch or running an existing company:

Get others involved.

One of the most common reasons entrepreneurs fail is by trying to accomplish everything themselves. Simply put, you can’t do everything yourself, especially once you’re established and beginning to see signs of growth. By hiring other workers, you can set your company up for higher efficiency, productivity, and overall success. In the process, you’ll be less stressed and better able to avoid burnout.

Focus on jobs that only you can do, and find others to handle the rest. This could mean a wide variety of tasks and projects depending on what kind of company you run. For instance, perhaps you need to hire a web designer to upgrade your site, a customer support representative, or an accountant to deal with the books. Offloading tasks you don’t need to take on yourself lifts a huge source of stress from your shoulders.

Equip yourself.

No matter what kind of job you have, you’ll be more productive and less stressed if you’re using the right tools. Fortunately, there is no shortage of tech tools on the market that can increase operational efficiency and help you stay connected. Research project management, collaboration, accounting, and recruiting software to see if you could benefit from adding them into your operations. 

Keep healthy foods handy.

Entrepreneurs are notorious for not prioritizing their diet. Many business owners skip meals or eat whatever’s easiest while they’re working because they don’t want to waste time. Taking 30 minutes to eat a healthy lunch is ideal because it promotes your health and helps your mind reset, which can lower stress levels. If you do work through lunch, at least make sure you have some nutritious foods with you.

Go for a walk. 

Want to burn off steam? Going for a brisk walk or engaging in another type of physical activity will do the trick. Not only will exercise make you more productive, but it will significantly benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health. Find an activity that you enjoy, and do it for 30 minutes in the morning, over your lunch break, or after work. 

Take a vacation.

It can seem impossible to squeeze in a vacation when you have so much on your plate. But as a business owner, it’s crucial to schedule vacation time for your mental health. According to a survey conducted by ZenBusiness, 27% of managers said that vacations are the most effective way to lower stress levels, and vacation time is one of the most commonly used stress relievers. If you absolutely can’t take a vacation, then plan to take regular breaks from work, which are also effective at reducing stress. 

Even in these crazy times, you can help your business thrive without succumbing to chronic stress. Find tasks in your company that you can outsource, and get any tools necessary to reduce your workload and make your operations more efficient. Bring healthy foods with you to work, fit in a fun exercise activity each day, and don’t put off taking a vacation. There are many other ways that you can reduce stress as an entrepreneur, but following these tips will help you to start making meaningful changes.

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