Hey everyone!! I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving! Now it’s that time of the year where you need to buy jackets, coats, gloves, Christmas trees, etc. Especially the gals here on the east coast! For those of you who live in NYC, you’d understand the struggles of dry skin and dry lips. So I’m here to share with you guys my holy grail of beauty products that has helped me in this crazy mess of a weather lol :). 

1. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – $45

Fresh products are generally all quite amazing! However, they are really pricey. That’s what I have learned from skincare/beauty products. You have to be willing to spend top dollars to get the quality and results you want and that’s not fair haha. Unless you are born with nice skin, ofc. So this particular moisturizer marks at $45 which is not too bad considering their mask can cost up to $90+. This moisturizer targets aging and really kept my skin moisturized all day and night. 

2. Blistex – $2 

Blistex is for those cold winter days. It protects your lips from the dreadful winter wind. It’s small so you can carry it anywhere!! The price is also much cheaper than the next product I’m going to talk about. 

3. Glossier lip balm – $12

This lip balm by Glossier comes in a few different smells in these cute paint tube looking packages with their cute names. They are a lot pricer than Blistex but it’s Glossier’s lip balm, a little does go a long way. It can be used over matte lipsticks if it gets too dry. I do suggest trying the tinted cherry one because it’s moisturizing and gives a lot of color! My friends can attest to that!

4. L’oreal Micellar Water – $5-$10

This micellar water is like the others but something about this one, every time I use it, I can really see all the dirt on my cotton pad. With other micellar waters, you can see it with makeup but not the second time around. This one gets everything off, first and second time around. Even when you didn’t wear any makeup, it will still go in and grab all the dirt, which is amazing. It’s NOT drying at all which is perfect for the winter! The price is also fair and it can be found almost anywhere. 

5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – $26-$123

This is by far the only thing I squeeze till the last drop and even though it costs $47, I’d still get it again. That’s because it feels so good on my skin and when I don’t wear it, I look duller in the morning. There are a lot of good reviews on it as well saying relatively the same. I think for my skin particularly this is honestly what worked, I can’t be too sure about how it’ll work for others but its definitely worth the shot! Buy the smallest bottle and give it a try. 

I hope this gave you some insight on what products I use on a daily! I will share with you guys my skincare routine, please let me know in the comments if you are interested!

With love,

A N N I E.

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