Hey everyone! I will be doing a new series called Rate & Review and that is exactly what they sounds like. I will be rating a product from 1 to 5 stars and review it for you guys to see if this is a product worth buying πŸ™‚ I will try to upload one of these every Thursday but no promises!

Today’s product is reusable cotton pads (made with bamboo). You can buy the product here. This contains the cotton pads as well as the laundry mesh bag which I will explain more later.

I don’t use a lot of makeup so when I use the round cotton pads from Target, I end up tossing a lot. I share with my mom and my sister so we go through those rounds really quickly. It hasn’t really occurred to me that these reusable ones existed until I saw a video from Youtube. So I had to buy it! I also mentioned it in my post on how to be sustainable which you can find here.

KK let’s get down to it.

At first, it felt super uncomfortable using something that I usually toss away. It also feels dirty just leaving it in a laundry mesh bag until you need to wash it. The laundry mesh bag holds all the little dirty pads and you throw that into the laundry to wash and dry them (so they won’t get lost in the wash).

But I toughed it out anyways. Save the environment, right?

These were extremely soft and the wash was easy peasy. It’s not a hassle at all (except I gotta remember to throw it into laundry). You know what IS a hassle? Having to repurchase non-reusable cotton pads over and over again lol. Now I don’t have to do that!


-the wash is easy!

-they are super soft

-not harsh on the skin

-reusable for a long time

-it’s used between me, my sister, and my mom and it lasts for 1.5 weeks before I have to wash


-the pads can stain a little (probably not good for heavy makeup users)

-sometimes I forget to throw it into the laundry so it does get annoying

Overall, these are quite the investment especially if you don’t mind having to buy new pads all the time. It’s something to consider, I know it’s not for everyone. I would give these pads a 5/5 stars just because it is sustainable and I would love to see everyone else start being more sustainable!! πŸ™‚


Annie <3

*disclaimer: there are affiliate links up above but it’s at no cost to you πŸ™‚

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