I am the eldest child in my family of six with two immigrant parents. My parents worked very hard to get us to where we are today and I am extremely grateful. Even though we lived so poorly, my parents always tried to give us the best. I’d have to say even with the hand-me-down clothing and little food, we were happy.

While having immigrant parents, though, they didn’t know English nor were they well adapted in the American culture which meant much of my success was self-directed. Getting myself into schools and doing my own lunch forms, for example. It wasn’t easy to push myself to do things without the guidance of my parents but I did.

We were raised on little but we had a lot of love. I have a drive to make an impact. I realized that scholarship essays are one of the easiest way to earn money. Make the time to write these essays. Not only do they help you realize who you are but also allows you to get money. It’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.


I am an average student with loving parents who traveled from the small island of Indonesia. Grew up in a tenement in lower Manhattan for what New Yorkers call Chinatown. Lived with the disadvantage of being just another Asian and being just another dreamer. In NYC, everyone you meet is personalized and displays a level of individualism but everyone wants to impact.

This idea of impact has been drilled into the minds of the young, generations after generations. It’s part of the education system to inform students of the infamous scientists, authors, and doctors who has transformed society. Yet, how to make an impact is not part of the curriculum. It’s showcased throughout different media platforms of scientific breakthroughs as well as political changes. Yet there is no guaranteed method to make an impact, the formula everyone is searching for.

It has come to my attention that impact is individual specific. How that individual perceives the idea of impact? What the individual wants to impact? How that individual plans to make that impact?

For me, impact does not have to make it into a textbook nor does it have to displayed on TV. It can simply be holding a door for a person, greeting people daily, helping people respectively, and respecting others.

For me, impact also starts within. Everyone has the ability to impact but it becomes more powerful when it starts from within. The heart and its passion. The mind and its intentions.

My impact would revolve around the idea of humanity. I wish to remind people of the humanity that lies among us. If I were to hold the door for another, I hope they’ll do the same for others. The domino effect and the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ effect starts to apply. It’s fascinating to see what simple and small actions can do to a society. It conquers discrimination and stereotypes. It minimizes the division of people in a society who claims equality for all.

Of course, this all sounds quite silly and trivial as I declare being human as an impact for society.

But to reiterate, for me, impact starts small.

Further into my life, I aspire to become a storyteller. I want to tell stories about the lives of others, the lives of all races, religion, and color. To tell the stories left untold. The impact unnoticed. The ones people don’t hear about on the news or the ones that aren’t taught in school.

My college plans are to do just that. I want to be able to tell stories as telling stories becomes an art form. Telling stories through a book. A blog. A painting. A music piece.

I will major in marketing and business management while focusing on entrepreneurial routes to make that impact. But I will also be learning computer science as well as graphic designs in order to for stories to be communicated to our current technologically advancing society.

In essence, impact is dependent on the individual. For me, it starts small and it starts within. I hope to give exposure to the everyday impacts from others that goes unrecognized. This is the impact I hope to make and I hope this statement leaves a small impact on you, thank you.

I hope you take some inspiration in this essay. I honestly want to just share everything that I’ve done to get to where I am. There is not secret. Just hard work. The essay was written perhaps 3 years ago, many of the goals are the same. Except comp science LOL. But you know, people change. If you don’t, that’s a problem. Love you all. Wish you the best.

Thank you,

Annie 🙂

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