Hey! I don’t wear a lot of makeup. It’s also part of my efforts of reducing waste. Makeup packaging and any packaging is by far the most wasteful. Taking off makeup is also another waste factor. I’m not perfect. I generate a lot of packaging waste and it’s quite shameful. Using less makeup has really decreased that for me.

However, beyond that, makeup is the reason why I break out easily. That alongside other factors such as diet, hormones, and genetics. So I’m here to kind of run you through on my makeup routine and how that has made my life easier and skin clearer. 


Before anything!! I wash my face with water in the morning or anytime before makeup. That way, my skin isn’t too dry when I apply makeup. 

Then I put three drops of rose-hip oil, which is a natural substitution for retinoid (repair skin & anti-aging).

1st Step : Brows

I go straight to my brows with L’Oréal Brow Stylist Definer because that takes the longest. I have very sparse brows on the ends of my brows (ugh genetics, am I right?).

2nd Step : Undereyes

After that, I use two concealers.

First, Revlon PhotoReady Concealer. This one is a little more dry but it does most of the covering and provides great coverage. It’s a drugstore product and it lasted me a very long time. I try not to spend too much on a concealer and try to get one that would last me a while so I can reduce waste.

After that, I go in with Glossier’s Stretch Concealer in the shade Medium (use my link to get 10% off) which is a lot more moisturizing and on the oiler side. Since the Revlon is on the dry side and Glossier is on the oiler side, the two finds a unique balance. It stays on all day as well!

This is all I do LOL! Shocking? Sometimes I have bad skin days but I still follow this routine. It helped me feel more confident in myself and allow myself to be less than flawless. More imperfections is what I find more beautiful about myself. I hope you find that too!


Annie 🙂

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