I’ve never wanted to be a fashion “influencer” because I do care about sustainability. I know many of my clothes aren’t sustainable but the difference I want to emphasize is that everyone can choose to buy less. You don’t need a new outfit every season. Buy what you absolutely need and then buy staple/timeless pieces that you don’t need to constantly recycle.

I’ve had quite a lot of work to do with internships as well as my shop and this blog. I naturally gravitated towards a more boss bish look which I don’t often dress as unless necessary.

I’ll do a quick run through out the outfit πŸ™‚

Blazer: This was from my mom because I didn’t have a navy blazer to go with the pants. She got it from Banana Republic

Tank: I believe this was from Forever21 and I got it from early high school. It lasted quite some time.

Pants: My mom also bought this but it didn’t fit her so she threw it at me basically LOL jk.

Bag: It was from Call It Spring. This is literally my go to bag for shoots, meeting with friends, light work day, etc.

Glasses: It was through Instagram shop but I forgot their shop name, sorry!

Shoes: They were booties from Call It Spring but you can’t really see it.

I hope you enjoy this as I actually haven’t wrote an actual fashion piece. I will do more of these as time goes on!


Annie <3

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