Summer in NYC has been ever so changing. It can be hot one day and quite chilly the next. I want to share with you all my summer must haves that will help with your skin and body. Many of these products are also good for year round usage but these are my summer needs!!

1. Sunscreen

You MUST have sunscreen! That is perhaps one of the year round things that is absolutely necessary. Even in the winter. The amount of UV rays our face gets, the faster we age. We really have to take care of our skin!

I, for one, don’t use foundation so sometimes I feel like there’s no barrier to my skin so sunscreen is highly important.

I use the either the Glossier Invisible Shield or the La Roche Posay one.

2. Jamaican Castor Oil

Jamaican castor oil is one of my newest discoveries this summer as my sister bought it. I tried it one night after seeing that the pores in my skin are really large. I realized it was lacking in vitamins as well as proper moisture. I decided to use the castor oil which has a lot of vitamin E. My skin was so supple the next morning!

Loving this product and I do recommend this to heal your skin. It can also be great for other things such as split ends and scalp remedy.

Buy it here.

3. Aztec Clay Mask

I’ve been using this clay mask for years!!! I’m sure everyone has also seen countless Youtube videos on people trying it and it being quite the miracle worker. This clay mask is a great exfoliator and it really get out all the gunk in my face. My pores are smaller as well.

What people need to make sure of is to follow it after with a moisturizer. It is great at removes dead stuff but it can also remove the good stuff. It’s really important to replenish your skin. I hope you try it out!

Buy this product here.

4. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks were a really popular staple in many Asian cultures. Sheet masks has really helped me in balancing my skin’s PH levels. There are different sheet masks everywhere you go but I highly recommend Korean brands!

5. Vitamin A, C, and E

As the castor oil mentioned earlier, it’s important to also rejuvenate your skin with other vitamins such as Vitamin A and C. I used the Radha Rosehip Oil which has lots of Vitamin A. This is said to be a more natural alternative to retinol.

I also use Vitamin C as well but very little of it. If you want a very natural way, drinking some freshly squeezed orange juice will do the trick. Or even apply it on the skin with some honey.

These are all great ways to bring some juices into your skin.

Love you all,

Annie 🙂

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