As some of you know, I started an eco-friendly shop on Shopify! You can find my first article about it here. You can check out the shop at

I started the shop late May 2019 and that was also when I juggled 3 summer college classes, 2 internships, and went through a series of failed tinder dates. It was a lot. I had to juggle the business as I juggled my social life and school life.

The shop itself has taught me a lot. It revealed my greatest weaknesses and strengths. It was like a baby that I didn’t know how to take care of but selfishly wanted.

I’m incredibly impulsive, impatient, and stubborn. I see what I want and a goal I want to achieve and I will dangerously dive head first. Three months into running my own business all on my own, I realized that I can’t do it all.

I put my ego aside and got more realistic with myself. If I wanted to expand the shop and to have it fulfill a mission of community and giving back, it’ll take more than a one woman team.

My mission for the shop hasn’t changed but it has evolved into something greater than me. Line By Moi underwent many changes from logo to brand. It’s now a team of three people and it’s still growing. There are also amazing people who are our biggest supporters behind the scenes from models to photographers.

Line By Moi is not just a shop. It’s a place where people can come together and give back. It’s a community of individuals who want to do good for the environment and for other people.

We went from just donating money to cleaning up parks in NYC with our audience. We started a Park Clean Up Initiative which is a little program in pushing people to clean up and in reward, they get a free metal straw and then a free shirt. That community of people will be the family of people who will move into cleaning neighborhoods as well as beaches down the line. We will host dinners and brunches with them and share our eco-friendly lifestyle pursuit with one another. That is the goal and that is the vision behind the shop.

Making a difference does not have to be big but it really does start with a community. It’s imperative for us as a brand to not only give back through finances but also give back through love and connection…to bring people together and to remind them of what they’re capable of when they stand together.



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