I’m a pretty anxious person who’s hypersensitive to how people are feeling around me. My emotions comes in waves that are small and large. It’s constantly wavering and it’s difficult to control.

Meditation helped me.

Meditation is simply breathing consciously. You’re probably like…”Ok? I already breathe though.” Well, do but not on purpose. It’s on autopilot because you have to, biologically.

Meditation is purposeful. You’re breathing to clear the negative energies inside you and you’re being mindful of what you’re putting in you.

My fitness professor once said, “To be fit is not just about having a six pack. It’s about being mentally and physically healthy in your heart, mind, and your soul.” She’d also say “You are not your anxiety but it is something you created for yourself. No one put that upon you but you.”

So knowing that, I realized that I have control over my emotions and how I react. I have control over MY life.

You have control over your life.

It’s important that you understand this because it can solve and prevent problems that you thought was given to you, when it was actually created by you.

Examples being…”That guy gave me a dirty look because I bumped into him,” and then let that ruin your day. It’s not a problem but it became one. However, it doesn’t have to be one because you’d recognize that you’re in control.

How does meditation help?

It helps because it’s a way to become mindful of your surroundings, thoughts, and emotions. Breathing deeply in and out can relieve stress and built of tension that is just condensed energies in your body.

How do I meditate?

  1. To start meditating, you can sit anywhere and cross your legs. Or you can lay on your bed or yoga mat on the floor.
  2. Start breathing deeply and inflating your stomach, count to 4.
  3. Then, hold your breath for 6 seconds.
  4. Release and exhale from the gut and up, count to 4.
  5. Repeat.

Try to do this for 5 minutes and then start doing it for longer and more efficiently.

It’ll be hard the first few times and you’ll find that your thoughts will wander quite frequently.

If thoughts come up, let them come and then let them go. Don’t let them sit in your head. Just let them pass and then focus on your breathing.

Talk to yourself. Examples of what I say include:

  1. You are not your thoughts. Let them come and then let them go.
  2. Let’s focus on the present moment, breathe deeply. Remove the thoughts of the future and the past.
  3. You have control over your life. This anxiety and chaotic thoughts do not define you. You are in control.
  4. Don’t let your thoughts, emotions, and experiences hold you back. You deserve happiness.

Talking to yourself may seem weird but it’s a good way to also practice acknowledging that you are going to have those days but in the end, you are in control.

The lack of control I had over myself, in regards to my thoughts and feelings, resulted in a lot of self-destructive control over my surroundings and of other people. That’s not good. Being able to control yourself and ground yourself is the key to living a happier life.

I hope that helped you in some way! Meditation is not easy but it’s a good way to relieve stress and prevent stressors in your life.


Annie 🙂


  1. Lovely article. Its been around 2 years since the meditation has become a part of my daily routine, and its benefits are truly astounding. It has changed me and made me much better than I was before. That is why I also try to inspire others to meditate, and always appreciate those who do.
    Plus, I totally agree with you on talking to ourselves.
    PowerMax Fitness.

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