It’s getting more and more difficult to be a “good person.” We’re in a society now that knows a lot more than other generations in regards to how we consume, what we consume, and who made what we consume.

Buying flowers for your mom may have unintended consequences because of where those flowers came from and who grew them (a reference I got from the Netflix show, The Good Place). Getting a necessary blazer from a fast fashion store for your interview may have negative environmental impact but it was all the time and money you had. Buying a Lululemon legging may last you a long time because of its great quality but the CEO is a misogynist and he gets every dime you spend.

We will never be able to be 100% good people. We will have our flaws and we will do something wrong, intended or unintended. “Why do people think they can be 100% of anything at all”, was my question.

I started a shop to promote sustainability but I still have plastic packaging that I have yet to remove. I try my best with compostable packaging but even then, the packaging is not necessarily 100% sustainable. However, it’s made with materials that are a lot better than plastic itself.

I sell 100% cotton tees that may not be the most sustainable but it’s better than polyester. Now I’m moving into resale on Depop so that the brand does not only consist of new shirts and new items.

On a personal level, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 10, haven’t bought new clothes since the beginnings of this year, and I compost food scraps whenever I can.

There are people who say you have to be vegan to save the planet. There are others who believe you need to be zero waste to save the planet. There are politicians who are doing their best to change policy for their cities, towns, or nations to save the planet. It’s incredibly difficult to be all those things in order to NOT be a “HYPOCRITE.” It’s incredibly arrogant to say that what you’re doing is THE way to save the world when you would actually…in reality…need to do a lot more than that.

People also don’t understand how unsustainable our planet is right now. A google search is an equivalent to turning on your lights for 30 seconds. Bamboo is promoted as sustainable but the processing of it actually produces a lot of carbon.

It’s also not fair to people who don’t have the circumstances (especially financially) or education to make those intended choices that would make them a good person or at least someone who seemingly cares.

What we should be promoting is balance and education.

Be as sustainable as you possibly can and try to improve those circumstances. Eat less meat…not no meat. Thrift more clothing, not buy no clothing. Do your best…not do nothing.

Don’t feel like you have to pursue extremes to do anything at all. Do something…do little…do YOUR best. All that will add up. You don’t need to have anxiety over it or worry about every decision in your life. Take it a step at a time. Everyone claiming to be 100% good for the planet is full of shit. Do your best.

I started to analyze a lot of people on social media on what they claim they are and what they say. I find that people who claim absolutism will say they’re lying sooner or later, regardless whether or not it’s about sustainability or not. The trend that I also noticed is that those who think they are being “good people” are actually not. Most of them would fall back onto old ways. Example are…vegans go from vegan to only eating meat. Or zero waste claimers state that they have to buy plastic packaging sometimes because of the current economy. The truth is…people can only do their best. It’s not rational to be anything 100%…not even your ethnicity. That’s just something to think about.



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