Yes..that’s me crying. We all get those moments where we are quite fried, mentally and physically. We are doing much more than our bodies can handle but we continue to push through regardless. There comes a breaking point and we end up with a lack of motivation to do anything at all. That’s called the burn out. There’s actually a term for it and it’s called…burnout, what do you know haha, surprised?

One of the reasons I’m writing this article today is that I’ve really felt that the past two weeks. I was exceptionally tired and I found my self-motivation dwindling. That led to a slippery slope of negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior. I would feel like I’m not worthy of what I’m doing and things that depended on my work ethic stopped flourishing.

I quit, I thought to myself. Nothing felt like it was paying off. I was exhausted.

Then I’d rest and recharge my -100% batteries and then I’m back to normal.

I would go through this cycle more than twice a year. I’d work and work and work and work and….guess what, work again. Then a big slap in the face burnout.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s quite unhealthy. I have a bad relationship with self-love and work.

It’s rewarding after it all, not going to lie. I feel pretty accomplished and I’m more equipped to handle life’s challenges each time. Life will be hard and it’s ok to have those moments.

But I don’t want to keep burning out. The process should be work smarter, not harder. Burnout should not suck more each time, I told myself.

I took the time away from blogging and work life to really dig deep in what the heck is going on. I started implementing these self-care habits daily in order to remind myself that all of this comes first. I come first. Everything else and everyone else that depends on me will always be there. I let go a little and just breathed.

  • meditate and pray to God every morning to meditation music and light a candle
  • yoga after to stretch out my tight muscles
  • read a little bit everyday
  • journal at the end of the day
  • workout a little at the end of the day to set the tone of a productive day, even if it wasn’t
  • make it a habit to sleep in if I get the chance to, get all the sleep I need. put my health first.
  • tell myself that it will all work out lol (this one is hard, I know) – you can vent if you want to, whatever works for you!

We have to put ourselves first. Not just when it gets rough. Not when you feel like you need it.

If you’re not mentally or physically ok to be there for yourself, you can’t be there for another person. So practice making your self care routine a habit. Everything else will fall into place, maybe not exactly, but enough for you to handle.

Hope this helps you 🙂




  1. life is so funny right? i’m already burnt out after i emigrated here seven years ago; 6 finals/projects coming up in 4 weeks, a family diagnosed with tumor (not sure if it’s benign or not), another family member in disability with debt, all happening once! idk how i am gonna handle all of these. But your blog is so inspiring. Keep it up.

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