Unfortunately, is coming to a bittersweet end. But a new era is arriving.

I haven’t written an article in over a month’s time. I was traveling in Europe for over 2 weeks and the moment I got back, school started. I started to really reflect on what I wanted.

On January 11th, I launched the magazine I was working on called ANDWHY. Magazine which I shared to you all about. If you recall, I wrote an article on it which you can find here. Later on, I did write an article introducing that this blog will include a page for ANDWHY in order to focus on other people’s stories. But I took it down.

One night, it suddenly came to my mind that my stories were never fully mine. It was a collection of learning experiences that includes the stories of others. Through my trip, I also understood that it was never my intention to be in the spotlight with this blog either. It just so happened that I felt voiceless and I knew my story well enough to express it here. I just wanted to tell stories. That’s all I really wanted. But stories are not all about me.

That being said though, this blog is so special to me and I thought about it for a long time before I made the final decision to say goodbye.

Now…before I get teary eyed (and if you are as well), I would like you all to know that this blog will now be!!!

The name is still a work in progress but there are exciting things coming your way! I will make a formal post to announce its new beginnings. However, I do want to let you know that articles that I’ve written will stay where they are so don’t get nervous! It’s always there as a reference and a stepping stone to what it now is 🙂

Thank you all for such an amazing journey and for supporting me by reading my articles.


Annie <3

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