Therapy is tricky. Psychology is a particularly new field and it was pretty recent that it was deemed a science. I always felt that therapy was not necessary because my life isn’t as quote on quote “troubling.” I don’t believe I have mental health issues despite breaking down at times. The more I meet other people with more complex problems, the more I feel that mine aren’t as relevant.

But as a matter of fact, we all go through challenges and pain and given the different tools we’re born with or taught, we handle those challenges very differently. Comparing pain and problems is NOT productive. If you don’t feel ok, you have every right to feel that way. 

I fell into a cycle of sadness once again during my midterms week at school and I just felt so compelled to just go to therapy to get help. There was so much negative energy holding me back from my past. Whether it be relationships or regrets made or self-destructive mental habits.

What I learned from my therapy session:

  • Your feelings are very much valid and everyone needs that space to let it out
  • Trauma is trapped in the mind, body, and soul (more about this in another article)
  • The physiology of your brain has been changed by trauma and once you understand that, the easier it is to work around it
  • Knowledge is power. Self awareness is key.

Often times, I find myself in the same cycles and patterns that are replicas of my past. Maybe not exactly but very similar to the point I start to question my personal growth and who I am as a person.

Taking matters into my own hands, I educated myself on why that is and decided to get out of my comfort zone to do things differently. That started with therapy and I truly believe it should continue with therapy. Everyone has something they don’t feel safe enough to share, whether it’s secrets or our darkest desires. Therapy is a great outlet.

History repeats and if we don’t recognize the patterns that are very much obvious, they will start to happen again. If you’re a history geek, you’d understand that there are things that are much larger, in regards to history, that also repeats as well on a different scale (politics, society, etc.) We are no exception. If this is you, give therapy a try.

Therapy is not a bad thing, it’s not there to only solve your issues but it’s also there to maintain your happiness.


Annie 🙂

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