We are often told that education is the foundation of success, that without a college degree, failure in the “real world” is inevitable. While this may prove true for some individuals, Gabe Lucero believed that education interrupted his pursuit of creative knowledge. In 2017, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology as a photography major, where he soon began to recognize the importance of branding. 

Roughly six months ago, the 21-year-old’s unrelenting desire for a brand of his own inspired him to withdraw from college, ending his education with a two-year associate degree in photography. Using the influence of social media to further his brand, Mindofgabe, the passionate individual has since delved into numerous projects of his own, outside of the influence of public schooling. 

Despite receiving many objections to his decision, Gabe explained that ultimately, he had to establish his priorities. “Your peers might not understand where you wanna be, which is okay. That doesn’t mean either path is right or wrong. I’ve always been more focused on my own projects. But it got to the point where projects became too big for me to fulfill alongside schoolwork so I chose what I felt most passionate about,” he said. 

Unsurprisingly, the ambitious individual’s greatest influence is none other than successful American rapper and songwriter, Logic. Before the music artist attained success in the industry, tickets to his shows were only $30. “Onstage, Logic admitted that the first time he was there, only 300 people showed up. The time I went, he sold out the venue with 3,000 people,” Gabe recalled. “He was genuinely happy and thankful to the point of crying on stage. He then shared a few inspiring words that resonated with me. He motivated me to believe in myself.”

Recently, Gabe’s main source of inspiration has been from a hiatus to Japan. His newest project is a Youtube video comparing the convenience stores in Japan to the ones in America. On social media, he’s been vocal about his ever-expanding Youtube channel of over 1K subscribers, featuring a range of topics from vlogs of his experiences in Japan, to photography tips. Among his many social media accounts, his presence on TikTok is most significant, where his account, @mindofgabekun, currently boasts 42.8K followers. His most popular TikTok hit 1.8M views and explored the practicality of shopping carts in Japan. 

In light of recent events, Gabe has used social media to show his support to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, emphasizing the importance of utilizing his platform to the fullest extent. “To see the presence it’s had on social media every day for the past week or so has been inspiring.” While he had already donated money, signed petitions, and shared credible sources to educate people, Gabe believes that there is no limit to sharing or learning about what is happening in our society.  

Ultimately, Gabe hopes to generate surplus revenue through his many social media platforms. For now, the creator says he’s focused on executing his short term goals. “I try to focus on the small wins, being happy about those, and hopefully fulfilling my long term goals.”

Bonus: In these pictures, Gabe dons clothing from Japan. “These pieces are my favorite pieces that are pretty new. Everything is from a place called Workman here in Japan which is actual Japanese workwear.”

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