Hey, everyone! My name is Grace. I currently reside in New York City. I’m going into my sophomore year at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I’m pursuing a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. 

My appreciation for fashion began in middle school. After being forced to wear a uniform throughout elementary school, I could finally begin experimenting with my style. I realized that fashion was about self-discovery. At first, my idea of being “fashionable” was wearing different hoodies with different graphic tees. I made it my mission to find cute graphic t-shirts in every color. My fashionista self had no idea what she was doing but she loved it. 

In high school, I actively participated in feminist programs and took classes at FIT. I was shocked at how connected fashion and feminism were. My time at FIT introduced me to a new world of creativity while my experiences in feminism educated me on the prejudice I faced as a woman.

Throughout my life, my dad has been my biggest role model. His experiences as a Vietnamese refugee has truly inspired me. He came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back and worked his way up. Besides my dad, I’m very grateful for the other individuals in my life who have encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. 

I still have so much I want to learn before deciding on my future career. Despite my indecision, like Annie, I’ve always known that I would pursue something in the creative fields. 

A photo from one of my favorite shoots

Recently, I’ve been pursuing so many different hobbies that it’s been hard to focus on them all. Outside of school, I’ve experimented with photography, graphic design, and writing. I think that writing is such a healthy and creative way to express yourself and get information out into the world. 

Some topics to look forward to:

  • Mental health (This is a topic I’m really passionate about, having been through many ups and downs myself) 
  • Feminism
  • Fashion 
  • Reviews (Food or experiences)

I’m truly grateful for being able to join the ANDWHY family. I can’t wait for you all to read more of my articles!

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