Katherine Saje (preferred Kat for short ūüôā ) is not a force to be reckoned with. She dreams wild and nothing stops her from pursuing it. She is “originally from Hong Kong” and “moved to NYC as an international student in 2018 to chase the NYC lifestyle” after falling in love with the city in her travels. She is “a BFA fashion design student at Parsons School of design” who just finished her sophomore¬†year. Before moving to NYC, this young female followed her passion to be a professional makeup artist, “I also went to a professional makeup school in Vancouver Canada and worked as a freelance makeup artist.” As if that wasn’t already amazing, she speaks three languages, “I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and currently¬†learning¬†French.” Outside of her usual hustle and bustle, her life is full of hobbies that fulfill her, “I enjoy reading, creating (film/photography), baking, watching movies, sunset, or just people.” Katherine expresses that she is a bit of everything and it’s difficult to box herself in any category. But if she had to say, “just imagine the classic Pisces zodiac sign, that is 100% me.”

The young entrepreneur launched her business recently called R√™vefou, which means #dreamwild in French (Instagram: @revefouofficial). It’s her very first business ever and as a fashion designer, she wanted to start small, “I am working on my first business ever, a statement tee online store which I have been working on for a while during the quarantine. In fact, I just launched it on June 21 (today) and I still can’t believe it!” Her motivation for the store was fueled by the genuine desire to help those in need, “One of our brand missions is to give back to our community as we spread positive messages throughout the fashion industry.” Her company is donating 50% of their profits to charities supporting Black Lives Matter and Yemen until the end of July. Unfortunately, her website is still in the works and right now, she can only accept Venmo and PayPal payments through direct message or email. In addition to her entrepreneurial project, she also has a YouTube channel where she highlights her life, and covered how she started her business.

Life is not without challenges and for Katherine, obstacles in different areas of her life has helped her grow. One of her obstacles includes her early development in independency, “leaving home and started my international student journey when I was 14 taught me how to be very independent and careful with decision making because I know that I am the only one who will take the responsibility¬†if anything happens.” Another obstacle taught her intrinsic love, “A break up I went through taught me the importance of self-love, and how investing¬†time and effort on myself is the most important thing. Seeing little things in life with a positive lens and believe that there is love and high vibration everywhere.” Although life brings upon these challenges, she explains that she is very lucky to say that there are not a lot of significant obstacles in her life. She wants to constantly strive and “constantly keep an open mind and maintain a curious heart to learn and be a better self every day.

As she manages so much at once, she shares her tips and tricks on how to time manage in order to increase productivity and overall well-being. Her process:

  • I like writing a weekly todo list on my notes app on my MacBook, it syncs with my phone and very easy to make changes on it. I will first write down all tasks for the week in no order, just everything needs to be done that is in my head. Then I start to put them in order based on the urgency/importance of each task, so I can clearly see if anything needs to be finished earlier of the week/day.¬†
  • Then I also like to use google calendar to have an overlook¬†of the whole month by adding events and bullet points and color them. Personal preference, red as in urgent, yellow as in important, blue/purple as in lighthearted tasks and less stressful ones like going to the gym, meetings with friends, etc.¬†
  • I also have the habit of writing the 5-minute journal every day and night, this journal keeps my positive attitude up and practices the top priorities of my daily goals.¬†– other habits I have is to journal from time to time, it’s like talking to a therapist, but write it down on paper. It helps with clearing the mind and finding balance in one’s energy and emotions.¬†– I also thing reading self-help books help a lot with mentality and attitudes. One of my current favs is “Good Vibes, Good Life” by Vex King.

She expresses that there are many influences in her life, but the one that stood out to her the most was Mimi Ikkon, “I do want to mention my life inspiration/mentor, Mimi Ikkon, I came across her youtube channel when I was 12 years old.” She is deeply motivated by her as a role model as she is “humble, genuine, and very inspirational. She changed my mindset and perspective as a 12 yr old and I am still grateful for even just discovering her online and the fact that I always feel so enlightened and inspired to do greater things for myself and the world.”

In such a disheartening time, Katherine feels the urge to wake people up, especially those who “are still CHOOSING to ignore the problems in our world. For example, the two main things I want to solve are all types of pollutions and the Yemen crisis. These things are affecting people and animals’ lives on a daily basis and I really cannot stand when people think it is not their business just because they don’t physically feel strongly about it or get affected by it.” We can second that!

Bonus: What’s your favorite fashion piece, and why?

“I don’t have a favorite because¬†I love all of them. I am careful with what I buy so if¬†they belong in my closet, they are one of the fav pieces. But a category of clothing I really like is fall/winter coats and jackets because they are the most timeless and long-lasting pieces in my closet and the¬†styles are always similar every season. When a coat is nice and high quality, one already makes a personal style statement with it without constantly buying new ones.”

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