Like any other childhood, I spent my Sundays coasting through Moo Moo Meadows and chucking green shells at anyone who dared to surpass me. I can recall the the feeling of relief when I was finally granted a golden mushroom from the mystery cubes, allowing me to zip past opponents at wind breaking speeds. I can recall the uplifting theme song played in the background of every game, that never failed to trigger immense joy. 

12 years after its release, the iconic video game soundtrack has been a TikTok favorite, accumulating over 850 million views under the Mario Kart hashtag. While the section is cluttered with comedics and gamers, one video in particular stands out. 

Released under username, @kaitlyncraigen, the TikTok video applied the Mario Kart theme song to studying. She stated that the theme song effectively helped her complete school work even though she was a procrastinator. Less than a month has passed since the video occurred and it has already garnered almost 4 million views on TikTok. 

As a college student, the idea of listening to music while studying isn’t exactly unconventional. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll discovered that 87% of teenagers interviewed listened to music while studying.  Time and time again, music has also been scientifically proven to increase an individual’s ability to concentrate.

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Most famously, the Mozart Effect revealed that music was capable of psychologically effecting IQ scores. Conducted in 1943 by Rausher et al, the study indicated that individuals listening to 10 minutes of Mozart sonata showed improvement in spatial reasoning. Though this study became controversial, as IQ score was confused with spatial intelligence, it was the first discovery behind the psychological effects of music. 

A 2019 study from the University of Wollongong found that the genre of music can mean the difference between a distraction and concentration. The more uplifting the music is, the better our overall mood, allowing us to study in a positive mindset during study sessions. On the other hand, listening to music that was too fast-paced or loud directly decreased concentration. Consequently, music with lyrics also decreased the ability to concentrate. 

It makes sense that so many people now swear by Mario Kart music as a study tool. It ensures that the most mundane of tasks are composed with positivity. After all, not only is video game music incredibly uplifting, it’s also associated with the nostalgic thrill of childhood fun. Whenever Mario Kart music is played, adults around the world who have outgrown their Wii boxes, are all reminded of simpler times.

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