Writing is an essential part of our lives. It’s the way we communicate and learn about the world around us. You’re reading a piece of writing right now! For Alexandra Lynd, her love for writing is transparent as she decides that she will write for a living, in every sense of the word.

She grew up in Surprise, Arizona, which is a smaller town 45 min west of Phoenix. She shares her backstory on how she got into writing, and how that inspired her decision to write in every way she can, “I started writing when I was in High School. I took a journalism class and fell in love. For the next three years I was on our Yearbook staff where I learned better writing, graphic design, and social media marketing.” But as time went on, things changed. People are bound to outgrew people, places, and things. For Alexandra, she outgrew her environment and so she moved to the Big Apple, “I enjoyed living their but as I got older I began to outgrow my environment. When I graduated High School, I moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Needless to say it was a big change. However my adjustment period didn’t take long, it was almost instant. I quickly fell into a rhythm with the city.” She is currently studying Advertising, Marketing and Communications, a major unique to FIT. She has enjoyed her life in the big city and found herself in many opportunities, she interned at a “modeling agency, a social media management company, and now for the past year have been at a PR Agency.” She has also written for her school’s magazine, Blush Magazine. Writing is a visibly important role in her life. She reads, journals, and continuously hone her writing skills.

Alexandra aspires to be a fiction writer alongside with being a fashion journalist. She knew she wanted to be one ever since she started school at FIT. However, with FIT’s narrow focus on fashion journalism, she felt that her love for literature was quite dormant. With the pandemic, it allowed her to refocus on her fiction book and ultimately, finish it. She explains, “While I have a strong love for the world of fashion, growing up I was always drawn to literature. Being at FIT I primarily focused on my skills as a fashion journalist, and that was really the goal of by blog Discovering Fashion – to help bring forward and fine tune my skills as a fashion journalist. For the past couple years I have been studying Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism at FIT. Despite my dedication a part of me felt alienated. So about a year ago I promised myself I would finally sit down and write the fiction book I’ve had in me since I was in middle school. If I am being truthful, if it weren’t for the lockdown, I probably wouldn’t have finished the novel.” She is currently looking for a literary representation for her complete YA Fantasy novel while juggling school and work.

No one’s life is ever a straight line. People have their fair share of obstacles that make them who they are. Alexandra’s major obstacle was her depression growing up. She was able to seek help with the support of her amazing family. Unfortunately, she shares, “However it wasn’t until this past year that I was diagnosed with Cyclothymic Disorder – which is considered to be a low level of Bipolar Disorder. On some level I always new something was there, and I strongly believe this was an added obstacle that I never knew about.” Although it was an unforeseen turning point of her life, she explains that she is grateful now that she is aware of what she is dealing with. She now has the tools and understanding she needs in order to “maintain a better mental state.” Her love for writing has been her escape and in a way, allowed her to “cope with the ups and downs.” Her positivity and vulnerability is very admirable, “If I am honest I am very much still learning to deal with this. Every day won’t be perfect, but I am finally at a place where I am beginning to grow.”

To write a book while attending school is no easy task. However, Alexandra managed to get that done! She shares that multitasking does take its toll on her. In order to keep that in check, she shares, “I’ve found that keeping an agenda with a to-do list keeps me most on track. I take notes on everything because hand writing is good and effective way for me to memorize assignments. I also find it so important to know your limits, and take a moment for self care. Knowing when to stop working, and relax is something I still struggle with. However it is so important to maintain balance, because the work I produce won’t be good if I’ve exhausted my mind.” As many of us struggle nowadays with what is now coined “burnout,” it’s very important like Alexandra said to put your health first.

When asked what she would like to change in the world right now, she offers a insightful perspective on everything going on in our society right now and how overwhelming it could be. “Obviously right now we have reached a breaking point. Whether it be climate change, racial equality, health care, gender equality – there has been so much building and now all at once it is crumbling. To pick one aspect I wish I could change seems nearly impossible.” She understands that tackling all the wrong right now isn’t realistic and currently, with her book, she wishes to shed more light on the environmental sustainability movement, “There is an urgency with it all. I will say our current environmental crisis was what primarily influenced the theme of my book. I hope that once it is published I will have helped shine light and add a new perspective to the topic.”

Alexandra is a soft spirit with a lot of creative energy especially through her words. It’s clear how much impact she has already on the world just by living out her dream and focusing on what she can offer. Her passion is heartwarming and if you’d like to follow her journey on publishing a book, check out her fashion blog here and her Instagram here. 🙂

Bonus : Favorite anything, and why? (movies, fashion pieces, beauty, people, places, etc.
“I am a huge advocate for positive self care practices, and have always enjoyed good skincare. Some of my favorite skincare brands would include Face Theory, Kiehl’s, Glossier, and Burts Bees. I try and maintain a good regimen by using products best help my skin. My favorite pieces of clothing in my wardrobe would be my Aritzia flare jeans, thrifted leather coat, and white crew neck. I would describe my style as a combination of urban minimal, and European eclectic. I love mixing different pieces together to create an endless amount of combinations.”

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