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If I have learned anything this year, that would be the acceptance of not knowing. The power I found in accepting not knowing when the pandemic will end or what I’ll do after graduation has opened up the doors of ambiguity for me. Through those doors of ambiguity, I faced the power of now and the centeredness it brings. 

Of course, I’m not speaking of this from tremendous amounts of experience as I have only recently picked this concept up. But I will say that it has allowed me to sit with the parts of me that are uncomfortable. The demons in me that always needed to know and be in control. The darkness in me that cannot stand uncertainty. And the cognitive dissonance that I have to face every day. 

Facing myself going into the unknown (as Elsa from Frozen would say) was difficult, especially having to shed layers of myself that no longer served their purpose. 

I’m sharing this because 2020 may have ended but 2020’s problems very well persists. We still have a pandemic; we still have economic, social, and political divisions; and we still have battles with our inner demons. 

I’m saying that 2021 may be a new start, but the uncertainty of our lives remains. 

For those of you who may identify with me on the desire of always being in the know, I challenge you to let go. Let go of your attachment to certainty. Let go of the need for control. It is only then will you find present peace and inner contentment. 

Letting life take you where you need to go by accepting the power of uncertainty will paradoxically bring certainty to your life. 

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