Spirited away, I'm losing myself  
the pain in my chest keeps growing.  
Every twist and turn pull me deeper 
I'm sinking into the abyss.  

Darkness swirls around me   
the only thing in my heart is emptiness.  
I try to focus but my mind wanders 
alone in the vast wasteland of my consciousness  

I try, I try, and I try
but I can't pick myself back up.
I give up on the world
and the world in turn gives up on me.

Push and pull, 
up and down. 
I rise and fall with the wind
hope comes and goes with each passing hour.

I take the good and the bad, 
the happy and the sad. 
The joy of living
has the price of losing the ones you love.

I always want a happy ending
but now I realize endings are sad. 
Just give me some meaningfulness
in the start and in the middle.

I once thought achieving my dreams
would give me meaning. 
A feeling of something greater than myself
but everything still feels as before.

A soul inside an empty shell. 
A hand reaching out with nothing to grab onto. 
A feeling of falling where you know it is the end. 
And a feeling of despair latches on.

Is there a point to continue
Without any feeling?
Is there a point to live on?
Yes and you showed me that.

A reason to fight for a new day. 
A reason to live to tell another story. 
A reason to open my eyes. 
A reason to prove that life is worth living.

— Kyle Tran

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