Thoughts In A Pandemic

The days seems to last forever, 
Forever stuck in this dusty old room. 
Rooming with ghosts and imaginary friends, 
Friends who only talk to me and not you. 
You think I'm crazy, 
Crazy 'cause I'm losing my mind. 
Mind you I've been stuck inside, 
Inside this room. 
Room with absolutely nothing. 

Memories of hanging out with real life friends, 
Friends who I no longer can see until this nightmare ends. 
Endings lead to new beginnings. 
Beginning with joy and hope, 
Hoping the world gets better. 
Better than the one we used to know. 
I know that these times will change, 
Change into something great. 
Greatness takes a lot of time, 
Time is something I love and hate. 

I hate that we have a limited time on earth. 
Earth, a planet I love. 
Love the time I share with my family, 
Family may be gone but never forgotten. 
Forgotten are the moments without masks, 
Masks are the heroes right now.
Now I yearn for a forever normal. 

— Kyle Tran

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