Happy New Year!! It has been such a blessed year and I hope you all have a wonderful 2019!

I have gotten a lot of questions for how I kept my skin clear and I would love to share that with you all. But before I get into it, let me just tell you that my skin is combination-oily skin but in the winter it is quite dry. I have redness and have hormonal acne when it’s that time of the month (ya know what I mean lol). I just wanna let you know so that whatever I’m telling you can be applied to you.

I also do not wear foundation! I gave that up since June of 2018 and it has done a consistent job of keeping it clear. I also eat pretty clean and drink lots of water because of my vegetarian/vegan diets. Although these are not guaranteed to keep your skin clear, I do believe these are the reasons I have maintained mine.

These are some tips that I have for keeping your skin clear:

  1. Drink lots of water and eat well. Exercise if you must. The reason why I say this is because acne is mainly caused by internal factors. That being hormones or not eating clean or not having enough oxygen/water pumping through your body. Look at the Acne Face Map and it will tell you why you may have acne there, specifically targeted at your organs. That way you can take steps to clear that up.
  2. Remember the rule that when you put cold water on your face, it closes your pores and when you put hot water on your face, it opens your pores. Cold = close and Hot = open. It’s important to remember this because when you wash your face, we tend to use cold water or hot water. Lukewarm water or mildly hot water will help open your pores, allowing the skin cleanser or mask to really sink into your skin to do it’s magic. Rub that all in and when it all done, use lukewarm water to wash it off, followed by COLD water to close your pores so that nothing will try to squeeze its way in!
  3. I wash my face in the morning and at night because at night, your skin is exposed to a lot of chemicals and dirtiness of the outside and in the morning, you basically slept in your own sweat and dirt. That’s why I make it necessary to wash it morning and night.
  4. Know your skin and what you’re using. I think often times people try to solve an issue with things they don’t really know about. How many times have I read something and I didn’t know what the ingredients are? A LOT. But I learned its importance! Knowing what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. And knowing your skin type is the same as knowing your body type. You have to be aware of your skin type and what you’re putting on it to fully solve an issue. This is also to save all the trouble of trying out every possible product that is said to solve an issue.
  5. Be aware of the dirt and everything you put on your face. We can’t SEE the dirt but it’s there. When you sleep on your pillow case of when you touch something and then touch your face. Or putting your phone too close to your face when you call. All those things have bacteria that will live on your face if you don’t wash your hands, pillowcases, and phone screen.
  6. BE HAPPY! Your emotions and feelings and all the negative energy you put in your body will show externally. It’s true!

My skin care routine is short and consist of four steps!

  1. Use cotton pads and pour some Garnier Micellar Water and remove all makeup.
  2. Then I go in and use Cerave daily cleanser twice or three times is I feel like my skin has more oil than usual.
  3. After that, I use one pump of Cerave daily moisturizing lotion.
  4. Then I apply two-three drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, as mentioned in my previous beauty article.

Sometimes I’ll apply spot treatment for acne. I will try to use natural exfoliators like honey and sugar once a week. Then maybe some Aztec Clay Mask once every two weeks!

I hope this has helped you in any way and that it will help you be more confident in yourself! Besides that, your beauty and happiness is truly internal and overtime, with all the love and positive energy you put onto yourself, it will start to be rewarding externally.


Annie XO


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