Today, I’d like to share with you guys on my little journey of becoming a Christian.

I know for a few of you, this title is quite out of the ordinary especially for those who know me. That’s because I was not religious at all and my parents are Buddhist. While I don’t practice Buddhism like they do, I do credit Buddhism for many of my morals, ethics, and spirituality.

However, overtime…I felt kind of lost in knowing who I was and what I was here for. As a result of that, I started to challenge who I was, particularly revolving my spirituality. I believed in a higher being but I was not sure if that was Buddha. My soul became restless to act upon ways to do what I felt like I was set out for. All of my attempts succeeded and while the restlessness in my soul has pushed me to succeed, it also overwhelmed me, drained me, and drove me into depression. I didn’t understand why I felt unhappy where I was. People would be glad to be in my position is what I thought.

When college started, I wanted to take it slow. With a lot of time to do what I love and to succeed in the areas I liked, I was very happy. But again, the restlessness crawled upon me and I worked tirelessly to fall into the same pit.

One day, I was meeting a friend I met through Instagram, her name is Sharon. My tote bag broke so we head to Michael’s to purchase one for the sake of convenience. That DIY looking bag was uh…20$ (tell me about it lol). But I couldn’t stand carrying a broken tote bag so I decided to get it. The cashier looked at me and decided to give me a 40% discount. The bag apparently was already on sale, so it came down to 9$. I was like “ooooo ok haha thank you”. She waited for me to fix my bag and transfer my items over which I thought was super nice. As I was doing so, she said “God has plans for you. You are going to do great things. And I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless you.” Obviously, I felt super grateful but I did have a slight discomfort because I know when she said God, that wasn’t Buddha. I was very happy the rest of the day but I started to wonder what Christianity may bring me.

The next day, I was on the train in Manhattan. It’s gross but not as crowded as it was earlier. I was sitting down but I got up for an old man to sit. He insisted that I sit and so I did. People got up on the next stop and he was able to sit directly across from me. We smiled at each other as a gesture of kindness. He moved his duffle bag over and on the side pocket facing me, was a picture of Jesus staring at me the entire ride home. I was perplexed at the coincidence of God and Jesus appearing in my life nearing the same time.

I brushed it off and said that coincidences happen and it’s not like I haven’t heard about Jesus before. But then the following two days, I made a new friend, Eve. She told me that she was not religious and she wanted to give Christianity a shot so she has been attending a church in Manhattan. She invited me to come along. She did not know that I, too, was not religious and was experiencing some kind of sign from God (or so I thought). I decided I have to give it a shot. I thought maybe God gave me three invitations so I might as well. I then went to two churches and felt the greatest connection at Hillsong Church in Manhattan.

Many of my friends are Christian as well and they were overjoyed to hear this story. I studied more and more on Christianity, it’s history, the battles between non-believers and believers, the hypocrisy and the disagreements with different sects of Christianity. All this drove me to wonder why this simple concept of God and Love has been complicated by the complexity of human beings. I’m not trying to write a research paper LOL but understanding more about the religion pushed me to love it. Safe to say I’m a learning Christian right now..YAY.

Within a few weeks of learning and absorbing, I gained more clarity of who I am and what I’m set out to do. Hence, this blog. I will be doing Youtube, photography, design, and my magazine as well. I feel God’s love and I feel so prepared to take on this amazing journey with Him and I have never felt more joy and comfort in doing exactly what I was made for.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂


Annie <3


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