NYC is a food haven. I’m sure every city is as well but NYC is another level haha. I decided along with recipes, I’d give a little something I call Food of the Week (FOTD). Kind of like Outfit of the Day/Week or Quote of the Day but for food lol. Here, I’ll be talking about food places in NYC that I visited this week and if you’re still interested, keep reading πŸ™‚ I’m vegetarian so I will be going to a lot of veggie friendly places and talking about them. I also love vegan food as I was a vegan before so I will be sharing those as well πŸ™‚


Jajaja is one of a few Mexican Vegan Restaurants in the city. They’re very known for it’s super tasty Mexican dishes that are very filling and worth the money. I came by here with a friend of mine who came back from college to visit. She’s not vegan or vegetarian and she definitely APPROVES. It’s very IG worthy if you can take better food photos than I do haha.

I ordered a quesadilla because I love eating them. It’s very packed with veggies and alternative meats with vegan dressing drizzled on top as well as vegan cheese in it.


I LOVE &Pizza and I love the unlimited toppings and all that!!! You know that 11$ pizza be having all your favorite toppings. I had to post on the GRAM cause it’s that good (gram is @anniexjl). I’m always getting something different. Basically, it’s a place where you can either order something a pizza with set toppings and set sauces or you can BUILD YOUR OWN pizza for literally the same price. I brought a lot of my friends here, it’s a little embarrassing. They also have vegan cheese and meatless options as well! Little applause for &Pizza here.


I love acai bowls ugh. Definitely worth a try. I went to the Fitrition with my friend May and she was so nice and paid for it! It’s 10$-12$ each which are within reason! Although it isn’t filling, it’s definitely a great snack to have before a workout and for brunch even.

Here’s my friend May πŸ™‚ she’s an amazing spirit.


I came here to meet another one of my high school friends, Carrie :). We were so so surprised by the portions that gave. Small for the price. They were 13-17$. But once we dug in, we were like it’s super super dense haha. I highly suggest the Avocado Toast. The Barbie bowl like the image below was not my favorite unless you love greek yogurt.

I hope you enjoyed this little series of mine. It’s a little way to share realness and live life fully and happily. I hope this gives you a little joy and to see a little truth behind all the social media.


Annie πŸ™‚

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