Hey everyone! Many of us struggle during interviews and how to prepare for it. It’s definitely different for every job. For me, I only interviewed for creative and marketing jobs but many of these tips can still be applied to other fields as well.

There are three parts to this process and that includes the preparation, interview, and follow-up.


This is before the interview, of course. Let’s assume you already got the interview date and you know the company you are applying for. Before that day, research. Research the company values, what they are looking for, who the interviewer may be, and what is your favorite part about their company. Research questions that may be asked and prepare yourself to answer them.

After that, update your resume, cover letters, and references. If you have a portfolio, that should be printed as well. Be sure to print out 2 copies of each and put them in a nice folder to make sure it doesn’t crumble in your bag. It will make you look very prepared.

Most importantly, dress for success. Don’t walk in with jeans and sneakers. Look like a sophisticated professional.


This is the scary part, haha. Make sure you get a good breakfast and lots of sleep and just be yourself, most importantly. When you sit down, greet them with your name is a good handshake. Take out your resume and other materials and present it to them nicely. Have confidence, look them in the eye, and be sure of what you’re saying.

Once the interview is said over, they will always most likely ask “Do you have any questions?” Ask them a question. If you did your research, you should know what to ask.

For one of my interviews, the CEO of the company was who interviewed me. I researched her and it said that she graduated from NYU Stern at 19 years old. I was blown away when I was researching so I had to ask her how she did it. Her response was “Good question :)” and proceeded to tell her how hard she worked. I got the internship!

The ability to ask a question shows you did your research and shows that you are a person of curiosity and is willing to learn.


This part is where you send an email saying “Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.” It shows thought and closure.

Many companies are filled with employees who are not responsible and will not value an intern and that can be immediately shown by how they respond to your emails, how they reject you, and their timeliness of it. If you can feel it in your gut that when you went for the interview and it was not for you, do not feel obligated to accept. Know your worth. Don’t be cocky but know your worth.

Many go into big corporate companies for internships and learn nothing because no one is willing to teach or make it really difficult to learn. Don’t let them make you a coffee-fetcher.

I hope this has helped in some way to those who needed extra help with the interview process especially. An internship is a great way to get into the field that you would like. I highly suggest interning at a smaller company first do get more hands-on and more knowledge of the industry because they are more likely to be willing to teach you and you will form long-lasting relationships.

Let me know if you have any questions or is willing to share tips that I have not mentioned.


Annie 🙂

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