You’re probably expecting this to be some make-up shame article. It’s not. I do think makeup has been a great help to boosting self-esteem and to enhance people’s natural features. It was therapeutic for me to put on every morning and to feel great afterwards. Like many art forms, I would consider makeup to be quite an art. And to have people compliment you for it, it feels great. Like thank you, this took a long time haha. But I’m gonna share why I decided to give it up.

1. I started to compare my face with and without makeup very often.

I’ve never been a makeup guru who did a lot of makeup everyday but a little did go a long way. I started to look at myself with and without makeup a lot. The comparison got the best of me and of course, with makeup, everything looked more flawless. So I started to feel quite flawed and in lack of a better word, ugly. Which leads me to the second reason.

2. I had an unhealthy dependency on it.

Since I didn’t feel beautiful, I started to depend on it. The more makeup I put on, my skin reacted quite negatively. So I’d put on more makeup to cover up my newly developed flaws. I don’t think it was very consciously. I just started to feel like I can’t walk out without my brows and without a layer of foundation.

It was until when I couldn’t walk out without it is when I realized it was an unhealthy. I know this is NOT for all girls who use makeup but this is what happened for me.

What was fun for me and therapeutic became almost like a trap in my own vanity. I wanted to feel beautiful without it so I took the courage to go out without any makeup. It was nerve wracking.

So I decided to give up foundation only. It was then, Michelle Phan came out saying she, too, went foundation free for a year already. (Fun fact: We share the same birthday, besides the year, of course.) I was so surprised to see that a long time beauty guru AND founder of a makeup brand herself gave up foundation.

That gave me a little more courage to give it up. I did one month without foundation and my skin cleared up tremendously. I took better care of my skin and recognized the core of why my skin was bad. I distinguished hormonal acne with bad diet acne. It felt great to know what’s causing it and how to stop it.

Since giving up foundation, I have:

  • Felt more confident in my own skin
  • Maintained a shorter makeup routine in the morning which saved so much time
  • Learned to love myself with and without makeup
  • Learned to prioritize skincare above makeup

I hope this has helped you in you makeup journey and if you had a similar story, do let me know in the comments. It’s not easy to have good skin and to feel confident in your own skin. But taking that scary step will be very rewarding in the end.


Annie 🙂


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