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The world’s resources is expected to go scarce if we don’t take the necessary steps collectively to challenge that.

Being sustainable is as difficult as it is with breaking habits in general. We are accustomed to use plastic and wearing fast fashion. We are accustomed to being ignorant of the fact that the clothes we wear are not sustainable or ethical, that our trash is polluting the world, and that we should be held accountable.

I decided recently to discuss this topic more often as an effort for us to be more sustainable and to save our environment slowly. This conversation has started but the more voices and the more hands joined together, the greater the resolution.

Now, I am not asking you to ban all plastic from your house and to throw away all of your fast fashion. It’s a process and there are many circumstances that has to be considered.

I, for one, don’t have a single dime to afford a sustainable shirt which marks at 40$ to begin with. That’s a lot. And throwing away all of your plastic containers at home or plastic items requires a lot more money to properly throw them away and then also to replace them. It’s a process.

However, it really starts with the small steps and the first step is the acknowledgement of this process. The next one would be to take small steps. I will share nine small ways you can start being sustainable as your next step.

#1 : Use Etee Wraps!

Etee Wraps is a new alternative to plastic and it wraps like a plastic wrap does, but reusable, biodegradable, organic, and created from sustainable resources. It’s endorsed by many and there is a 90 day trial where you can test it as well. This is an amazing steps towards plastic reduction.

#2 : Swap your straws for a metal or bamboo straw.

We use about 500 million straw a day in the U.S. alone. Both of these options are great for those who use plastic straws religiously. When there is a party that requires a lot of straws, swap them with metal straws or bamboo straws. It’s a hassle to wash and take care of, but you’d save more money in the long run because you don’t have to keep repurchasing these straws.

#3 : Bring your own utensils (metal).

For me, I always bring my own lunch in containers to work. But I always forget to bring my own utensils so I’d end up using an available plastic fork and spoon at work. But do try to bring a metal spoon or fork to work so that you can just bring it home and wash. Even if you don’t bring your own lunch, it’s still smarter to bring your own spoon or fork so that you don’t have to opt for a plastic one.

#4 : Thrift whenever possible, donate, and resell your clothes!

I know this is not super appealing as it sounds but it’s an inexpensive way to buy clothes and you’re giving unloved clothing a new home. If you prefer buying new clothing that is sustainable, that is totally fine as well. When you toss away your old clothes, be sure to donate them to the thrift stores, charity, or even resell them on Depop and Mercari! I was able to earn a good money from reselling that allowed me to buy newer clothes 🙂

#5 : Bring a reusable bag when you grocery or item shop. Or save the plastic bags and reuse them.

You can see at Trader Joe’s selling them at the cashier line. Buy one! Or just buy one at your local shops. Click here to purchase. That way you won’t have to keep using and tossing out the plastic bags. If you do end up with some, you can reuse them as bags to carry things, over and over. Don’t throw them unless necessary. However, the best bet is to always bring a reusable bag to the grocery shop or even Target for example.

#6 : Don’t get the receipt!

When they ask, “Would you like a receipt?” Say no! Unless it’s necessary for work when reimbursement. Besides that, there is NO need for the receipt. This would save paper and ink, little by little. We have technology now, there is no need for a paper version we are not obligated to keep.

#7 : Use Tupperware and mason jars.

When you have leftovers or you need to store something in your household. Do not reach for a plastic bad or a zip loc bag. Use Tupperware and mason jars.

#8 : Walk, bike, or any public transportation!

All the driving that we see happening is a major source of fossil fuels in the atmosphere. That’s why if you have the option to not drive. Take a walk or drive. It’s good for your health and the environment’s health.

#9 : Go Paperless for your bank statements!

There is technology to view your statements online! Do that! Save the planet!

I hope this has shed some light on this topic, make you excited to make the world a better place. I will be sharing more on sustainability this year and if you want more content. Do comment down below what you would like to read, watch, and subscribe to see it! Thank you!


Annie <3


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