“Reading a book is like downloading years of knowledge.” -Anonymous

Often times, I find that many of my peers and I are conditioned to think that reading is not a ‘cool’ thing, it’s very time-consuming, and feels like homework (basically a waste of time).

However, I started to read self-help books. It changed my perspective on life and really opened my mind on different points of views. I started to realize that reading a book is not only beneficial for the health of my brain but it also instilled in me other people’s wisdom and patience. It truly gave me a space to learn beyond the scope of my understanding, expanding my capacities. That’s the start of this journey. I want to share three of them that really impacted me and why you may like to read them too.

1.The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy

This book was really the only book I had to read in terms of understanding how to run a business, be a leader, and what it takes to be exceptional. The roller coaster refers to the ups and downs of running a business but it’s also a metaphor to life in general and how you should enjoy the ride. It’s quite a comparison and it’s used throughout the book as a big reference that life is what you make of it, enjoy it, and do your best.

Get the book here.

2.You Are A Badass by Sincero

If you liked the first one, you’d love this one. I can draw many parallels of what she said that was drawn from the Bible. It’s not necessarily religious and she makes it clear that when she addresses something larger, she is talking about “the universe.” This is a termed coined by many young adults right now who are spiritual rather than religious. This book teaches what it takes to live your best life and to bring out the inner badass in all of us. It focuses on what to do when you’re down and when you’re up, sort of like a guideline.

Get the book here.

3.Quiet by Susan Cain

This book is for everyone, introverts and extroverts. We live in a time where extroversion and introversion are both assets to the society but society gave them different tools for a promising future. In our education system, there is a value on extroversion when introversion was the asset until a century ago. It’s up to US to take control of our own lives and to learn the history and science behind how our society today came to be. If you’re an introvert, this book will help you understand how to utilize your “weakness” and turn them into strengths. It goes the same with extroversion. I know it can be really daunting to read a book telling you who you are and why you’re that way, I’ve been there as well.

Get the book here. Bonus book.

Reading is a great way to learn things that are beyond the school system. Remember…don’t let school get in the way of your education. Thank you for the support so far. I haven’t been blogging long but I’m always excited to write to my readers.


Annie <3

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