Model for a day.

I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology so there are a lot of opportunities that are open for you if you are willing to take it. It’s not a big deal but for an introvert like me, this is quite huge.

One of my friends is a fashion design student and her name is Allison Ko. You can follow her designs @alllisonko on Instagram. She wanted me to model her dress for a Fashion Week that’s dedicated to Asian designers and to give them an encouragement to succeed. Of course I had to say yes!

It was definitely a one of a kind experience. A lot of emotions happen backstage and since I am close with the designer, modeling the outfit right means a lot to her. It’s almost as if I am wearing someone’s hard work. That’s the first thing that I learned.

Everything that you wear and all the garments that you buy are someone else’s hard work!

This is true for the fashion industry, especially. These clothes are thought out, designed, and manufactured in companies overseas. You will find that people are sewing and cutting fabric quickly for a simple shirt to come together. Some are demanded to be done quickly and some take a long time. It’s so important to value all your clothes because when we value it, it will last longer and that will benefit the environment in a more sustainable and ethical way. This dress that I’m wearing didn’t come from nowhere. There are also inspirations that are derived to make this piece as well as personal stories. The outfit utilized unwanted fabrics or expensive fabrics from the store. It took her ONE week to make. Think about the dresses that you buy next time! That’s hard work.

People backstage is just as important as those on stage.

I’m sure you all know this already but sometimes, people need to be reminded. When I worked for shows or on projects, I was usually the one backstage. I’m doing something to make things go smoothly and to create a space that will empower people. We give those on stage a lot of credit because that’s what people take away first but a lot of the things can’t happen without the people backstage. I say this for a lot of the amazing things we watch like broadway shows and Youtube videos and movies, etc.

In this case, I am the one on stage. I learned to appreciate the work the people on stage does but so much more appreciative of those who are backstage.

Keeping this article short and simple. I hope this inspired you to view what you wear differently as well as how you appreciate the things you consume, whether it be shows or clothes.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂


Annie <3

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