So I’ve been trying to implement this recycling system into FIT and I went to professors and faculty and students who work for sustainability nonprofits. All of them said that the idea is going to be a difficult move but not impossible. It’s going to take a lot of manpower, money, and time. Making a difference is so fucking hard. (excuse the language)

I kept it quiet for a while because I wanted to make sure it is a rational idea and a feasible idea before I make it happen and bring on a team. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time pursuing a dream with no probability.

And someone brought up to me, Annie, having a great recycling system won’t reduce plastic USAGE but it will reduce plastic WASTE. And dam, that’s a great point. I still tried to go to more faculty members to help me with this idea. But turns out, education is the bottom line problem. You can’t have a machine that no one will know how to use if not educated. Un-educated people will misuse their judgements. That’s why our problems never seem to get better.

Therefore, I realized that we live in a time where we have phenomenal amounts of information but people still go hungry. People are still retreating to cheap and non eco-friendly ways. It’s not because they’re not educated, it’s because they truly can’t. Some of them just remain ignorant. I wrote an article about this and I wish it can reach more people.

So I want to start educating people on sustainable development in all aspects of life, specifically the lower income classes or lower middle class. Sustainable development in career, life, environment, business and relationships. (If this confuses you, read my article on sustainability)

People always tell me that my blog isn’t enough. Or that being an “influencer” isn’t enough. Well, you damn right, it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m only doing just that.

I will make this happen.

Whether it be being part of a nonprofit and instilling this or negotiating with schools to put it into their curriculum. It’s time for a change.

Choose happiness.

Stop having extreme thoughts. “All or nothing. Now or never.” We won’t get anywhere with that mentality. Think about what you can do and pursue for as long as you can.

If it doesn’t work for you and your circumstances, try another.

Don’t give up. Stop chasing perfection. Chase progress.

Don’t fear judgment. Fear being one of those good people who does nothing.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from making a difference or living the life you want. Only God can do that.

I hope this serves as an inspiration for you to do something and if you can’t right now, say something. Discuss change. Discuss solutions. Don’t discuss problems.

And that is where dreams lie. That is where hope lives.

Love you guys,

Annie <3

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