I attended the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show! I did not realize how serious the show was until my best friend, Allison, told me that is an invite only show. GASP! 

So, of course, as a ‘not a super fashionista’ and ‘don’t necessarily have a lot of clothes,’ I needed something to wear!!! 

I do not buy fast fashion anymore and I would NOT purchase clothes I do not NEED. I do desire Reformation items or Everlane but I would have to save up for those. I was left with little to no options because I wanted to be sustainable, financially and environmentally. 

Allison took me to a whole new world, Buffalo Exchange. I don’t thrift a lot because, again, if I don’t need it, I don’t buy it. I needed a dress this time for this amazing fashion show and I was not down to spend hundreds for any fashion show, no matter the brand. 

I was looking around the store and I just felt anxious of all the things I had to go through. But I told God that I needed a dress. REALLY needed a dress.

And then…I FOUND ONE! 

This amazing dress was marked 24$. Can I get a WAT? I didn’t get too excited, I had to make sure it fits. And it DID. 

I went to the register. She said it’s actually discounted and it’s 18$!!! Wow! 

I was blown away by this amazing luck. Moral of the story, be lucky! Just kidding lol! Sometimes having those core values of helping the planet and making the conscious effort to make your life and other people’s lives better, the universe works with you. God works with you. 

Being environmentally sustainable is not super challenging. You can build small habits which turn into life long changes and routines, it won’t feel like a challenge. You don’t have to go to extremes to make that happen. You can start by thrifting clothes!! I wore a 18$ dress that made me feel hot at a Louis Vuitton Fashion Show. To some people, that’s probably insane.

We gotta change the game. Be BETTER influencers and what I mean by influencers is who you are, what you wear, and how you talk. These are the influences that will help you be a better person and help others be a better person too. It doesn’t have to be on social media or a blog. Just start by doing those little things and people will notice. They’ll think “If she can do it, I can do it” and that’s really all it takes to be an influencer. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how sustainability is perceived. It may seem like it cost a lot of your time and money but in some cases (like this one), it’s actually quite worth it.

Love ya’ll,

Annie <3

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