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Oh my goodness! I have launched a shop! It took me a while to piece this all together as I was juggling 8 classes, my magazine, and this blog. Crazy but I did it lol! That’s why, I decided to share my process on creating my shop.

1. Idea

Before anything happens, there needs to be an idea. I knew I wanted to start a business but I also knew that just wanting something is not enough, I have to work for it. I understood that working towards something I didn’t know exactly what I want from it is also a waste of time. So… I got down to business lol and created an idea.

I took my time honing down what exactly I wanted to sell and where I want the company to be positioned in the market. What do I want to give to people? What kind of value do I want to bring to their table? What’s the color palette? Who am I targeting?

I decided on creating a clothing brand that gives back. On top of the idea, I knew that there were a couple of values that I want the shop to align to and that is eco-friendly and community based. And..that’s what I did!

This part was definitely frustrating as I didn’t want to start a business to make loads of money but to create a community of people who makes efforts to give back. Trying to figure out a brand that follows that isn’t the easiest. But I was able to get that through by setting a goal of giving back every season- 20% of NET profit. That’s quite a lot. Knowing that…I knew I would not breakeven until quite some time and I was ok with that.

For the first season of items, we decided to choose One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every dollar donated. Super exciting!

2. Research

After the visionary steps, I had to research. As I researched, my vision changes and that’s ok if it happens to you too. It’s all part of the process and it’s not going to be perfect at all in the beginning. I had to switch out a lot of products I wanted to create to other things. For example, I went from cell phone cases to eco-friendly tees. Cell phone cases were made out of plastic so I didn’t want to do that as it no longer aligned with my eco-friendly values for the brand.

I had to research how and where I wanted to start the business. E-commerce is a vast market because it’s very simple to do with all the information we have to do so. It’s very competitive and it takes a lot of time to make it work. I was debating between Shopify, Etsy, or simply from the ground up (from manufacturing to shipping). I decided on Shopify because there are more eco-friendly ways there and it’s full of potential.

After that, I had to analyze companies who have made it. What works and what doesn’t and kind of start picturing the design of the company, from logo to products. I decided on a fun loving, sleek, but still wholesome looking brand which is why the logo is a pink and yellow with an edgy boldness to it.

After I decided on Shopify and kind of the final vision of the brand, I had to figure out where to get my products and how to get it shipped. On Shopify, there are a lot of apps that allows you to choose drop shipping or manual creation. I did drop shipping because it saves me time and print-on-demand by a third party company because it is eco-friendly. What both of them mean is that the items are created once it’s ordered and shipped out by a third party company. That way, there is no inventory and no product will go to waste if it doesn’t sell. I chose Printful which is connected to Shopify and then I only worked with Bella + Canvas products because of their eco-friendly practices in LA in creating tees and sweaters (except for fine jewelry).

3. Design

After all that, comes finalizing the design and creating the products. Design is kind of throughout the process and it gets honed down along the way. From vision of color palette to research to aligning with values.

The logo as you see above is exactly the vision and the brand. I asked my graphic design professor to choose out of all the logos I created. He and my friend chose that one so I went with it lol.

I knew I wanted fun colors with the box to demonstrate the edge that these fun colors have. The logo doesn’t just symbolize someone being fun, caring, and bubbly. It also symbolizes the edge and being outside of the box and overlapping. The line and period on top is sprinkled throughout the designs of the brand and that represents the soft way of making a hard statement. The way of which we move the world is through peace and kindness and to be bold in a soft way.

I read this in a self help book before and they talked about soft power. A power that is more powerful and is in all of us.

So on top of giving back to the community and wearing sleek clothing, it is a brand that represent those wholesome soft powered people who want to change the world through little things–whether it’s speaking up about it or having eco-friendly habits.

4. Marketing

As for marketing, I utilized social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. I promoted it through design and you can follow them both @linebymoi.

Marketing, also, starts from the beginning and a lot of the things I mentioned are quite integrated. From values to who I want to represent as a brand is so important.

5. Launch

I’m so excited to say that I was able to launch it. It was really fun creating this and it is really close to my heart because of the impact I want to create down the line.

My vision for the future of this brand is to start selling more sustainable products and to help people start a zero-waste lifestyle or sustainable lifestyle. It’s all part of the process.

I hope to see your support on this brand and I hope this article gave you a push to start your own endeavors. It’s never too late and if you want it, you gotta go and get it.

If you have any questions, comment them down below or you can contact me through email. I will definitely get back to you.

Much love,

Annie <3 and LineByMoi 🙂


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