Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I have written an article about career and school. I have much to catch you guys up on and I’m excited to share my successes.

When I tell people that I’m graduating early, the biggest question was always, “Why?”

I would respond saying…“If I have the means to graduate early and I have the capability to…why not? If I can graduate early and do what I know I want to do already, why shouldn’t I? Why not make money faster rather than to pay to go to school and sit on it?”

The response was more questions and it keeps going. Many of my friends were excited for me but their nervousness of their own career and choices is what I see prevalent.

So if you’re in high school right now or in college and you’re not sure what you want to do but you have a general idea, I advise that you try to graduate early.

Often times, people stay in school for longer because they believe they’re paying school to provide them with all the answers. However, college is NOT a true nor guaranteed test to knowing what you want to do once you graduate. We know this from individuals who get irrelevant degrees to what they’re doing now. We also know this from individuals who are so talented that they dropped out of school to pursue their dreams, whether it is to create Apple or to become a famous YouTuber.

These are outliers but what makes you think you can’t graduate earlier and figure what you want sooner?

One of my professors told me personally that I should graduate early simply because you really got to be immerse into the job to know what you want. Also, often times, you can get your dream job but if the environment isn’t right…like every relationship, you have to walk away. So it’s really all about finding a home for yourself when you graduate. You’ll probably find that you end up somewhere completely different from what you majored in and that’s because school is NOT a TRUE test to knowing what you want to do. You have to sit through the 9-5’s to figure that out. You get PAID to do it too, whereas school is where you pay to figure it out.

We are all brainwashed to think this way and it’s so understandably why.

However, if you’re staying in school because you want to enjoy life a little longer before adult life hits, that’s ok too. As long as you are going to be ok with your choices 5 years down the line, there is no issue with those choices at all.

In addition, if you’re staying in school to gain a better network or connections, that’s ok too. However, know that it’s probably better to make wiser friends in the workforce than to make a party friend in school.

Life is made up of many choices and to really embody that is hard.

You may think it’s too late now…or it’s hard to turn around. You are NOT too late.


1. Take Summer and Winter Classes – AP Classes for HS students

Take summer and winter classes! If you’re paying for school, might as well pay for the summer and winter classes to get ahead. I took three in the summer and one in the winter. I really got ahead of myself for the summer but I was still able to manage three A’s. Pat on the back dude.

In addition, if you are in high school, challenge yourself to all the AP’s you can manage and to get the highest you can possibly get. That can be helpful if your college accepts that.

2. Build Relationships with Classmates and Professors – Especially Your Academic Advisor

As you are graduating, you are taking a lot of classes but you should also make time to create and build relationships that will help you for your career. That can be your professors or your friends. These people will try to get you closer to your goal of graduating. ESPECIALLY your academic advisor. They will be your best friend in letting you know what classes you need to take in order to finish when you want to.

3. Plan Ahead To GET Ahead

I sat myself down and instead of watching 20 Youtube videos, I spent the 2 hours creating a plan of action for that classes that I have to take. I also did a plan of action of my time because TIME MANAGEMENT is key to getting things done efficiently and accurately. I went to my advisor to get his OK on the classes I have to take and then….

4. Take registering for classes VERY seriously

Get the best professors and get the best class times. That way, you know you’re getting the bang for your buck and time. Try to free up two days of the week for yourself to focus and to do your own thing. I know it sounds like suicide but if you can focus on it, you will achieve a lot.

5. Get an Internship/ Work/ Side Hustle/ Hobby/ Job

When you get all the classes prepared and in a nice schedule, you should have a day or two that you’re free. Most internships want 2-3 full days of your time, ESPECIALLY paid ones. So you really got to free those days up. If you can’t get an internship, get a job or a side hustle. If all else fails, get a hobby to work on and to excel in. Be productive and proactive. However, if you need to rest, do so. That way, you can be even more productive after you rest.

The reason why this step is important is because it’s NOT about how fast you’re going to graduate. It’s ALSO how prepared you are when you do. You need to have some experience or something about yourself to share to these employers. You can’t be all school and have nothing to offer to an employer except how fast you were able to graduate.

This is a big step! Do NOT forget!

I hope this article serves as a little tip to you for your outlook in life. You don’t have to do 1.5 years early. You can even just do a semester early. Perhaps even just on time. All these things are good. You are what you choose and whatever that is, I know you guys are doing just as amazing as anyone who may seem ahead because you’re amazing at YOUR LIFE (no one else can top that).

Love you guys,

Annie 🙂


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