Hey everyone!! I really thought about the topic of love a lot lately after going through a heartache. The statement of “What’s meant to be, will be” has never struck me harder than it did lately.

I was in a toxic relationship with someone and as a result, I had a toxic relationship with myself. So as I had lost love of another, I lost love for myself. The moment that person left my life, the person that I was while I was with him also left. I saw things a lot clearer for myself. That long moment of our lives that we shared is something I won’t forget but it is in the past now.

However, I know many people out there are dealing with the same thing and their feeling the same emotions. You’re a little lost, a little troubled, and have a lot of emotions you can’t seem to settle. I completely understand that part.

I stayed up all night crying and couldn’t sleep for two days. I cried walking home and just thinking of how stupid I was for letting that “One-Day” statement get to me. If someone says “One-Day” to you, you got to know that it means not now and probably not ever. Someone who is willing to wage that on you is not that interested to keep you a part of their lives, at least not for a long time. “Their disinterest IS closure”, which is a statement I heard and immediately identified with.

If someone has the ability to walk away, you let them walk. Looking back at myself, I wanted to walk away from two people in my life. I’ve written goodbye letters many times to end it for good. However, they always seem to draw me back, whether it’s guilt or pleasure. I hold myself accountable but reflecting now, I know I should’ve walked away and never looked back. Trust your instincts and don’t settle for a love and life that’s not fulfilling.

If you really feel like that person is the one but it doesn’t seem to click now, then maybe it’s just not now. You got to give some time and space to grow individually. This is especially if you’re young. I’m only 19 and growing as I’m attached to someone has definitely hurt me over and over. You have to learn to grow as your own person and to be whole on your own before you enter a relationship with someone else.

You have to walk away and to figure things out on your own…and what’s meant to be, will be. Nothing is impossible but you have to make loving yourself possible. You have to make forgiveness possible. It’s only then will you see all the other things you dreamed of possible.

When you forgive others, you have to also forgive yourself. Trust the flow of life and give yourself a BIG GOLD STAR for making it through that rough time. Pat yourself on the back for getting yourself out of bed every morning to go live a life fulfilled. It’s never said to be easy but it surely IS a blessing. Once you recognize that, you will manifest a love for life, a love for yourself, and a love for that person who hurt you.

I hope this helped you move forward with life and to get out of a funk of lost love or toxic love.


Annie 🙂

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