Hey everyone!! I am so glad that you all enjoyed my last post on lost love. I found that this is a great follow up article on that if you are dealing with a lot right now.

Lost love is not easy but lost love is not the only thing that brings upon pain and unsettling emotions. It can simply be being rejected or even getting fired from a job. These life moments are short and temporary but it can leave a permanent impact on how we walk the rest of our lives, whether it’s good or bad.

I may be a young 19 year old who may not know too much about the hardships of life but I do know that human suffering is universal. And I do know that we all have feelings and we all go through things. Life is not a competition of who had it worse or who had it better…but we tend to see it that way to justify a lot of our actions. I was definitely a culprit of that.

The reason why we do that is a core reflection of us in the moment. We are in pain and we are hurting. When I ignore the underlying pain I’m having and I ignore the fact that I am going through something right now, it starts to come out in other areas of my life.

I start to talk to my friends a certain way and I treat my family in a different way. Not addressing that I am in NEED of SELF CARE…will manifest chaos around me. That will create more sadness and it’ll become a cycle of negative feedback. Your loved ones probably don’t deserve that negativity and if you don’t know and accept your own problems, it’s hard for someone else to help you with it.

Self care is necessary. It can be as long as you need. For me, it’s an hour a day. It’s “ME TIME”. It’s “selfish” hour. It’s “I fucking love myself” hour. It’s “all the things I love to do” hour.

I play music really loudly and dance weirdly even if my sister is around. I put my AirPods in when she’s getting tired of me. I play soft music and journal my thoughts. No phone. Just me and my laptop. No social media. Just me and my thoughts. If I’m outside, I take off my headphones and relish in the smells of nature and the busy city noises. I take the long way home and I walk through and admire what life has to offer me.

I’m not saying you have to do this but this is what I love to do and I highly encourage that you do what you love as well. Go on solo dates even!! Develop that deep love for yourself. Just an hour a day. This hour can help you be more compassionate to others, be more patient, and more loving towards yourself.

Self Care is a recipe for Self Love and Love for others.

That moment you feel that love for yourself, everything else falls into place. You allow others to love you and you allow love to drown you. Things become clearer and you’ll feel….liberated of that pain you felt.

You’ll feel so in love…that the person or moment that hurt you, you can understand their pain too and you can understand that they’re in need of self care too. If you think they’re not in pain, you can at least feel forgiving and that whatever pain it brought upon no longer chains you.

And that’s…self love. That’s freedom.

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Annie 🙂

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