I’m crazy. I have an internal chaos with little room for a big heart and a strong yet wavering soul.

I love storytelling. Always have.

I love creating things whether it’s art, beauty, writing, jokes, videos…everything. Everything around me is created. It’s manmade and manifested from someone who imagined it.

My mind is its own entire universe and it’s a perfect storm I created. I created it.


You’ll be ok.

Will I?

I care too much and I get anxious with a lot of people around. I feel overwhelmed by all the emotions I feel compelled to take responsibility for.

I’m such a people pleaser that I don’t even realize it. But at the other end, I also don’t give a fuck because I got tired of giving fucks.

I’m crazy and this beautiful chaos is created out of good intentions but wrong influences.

I go back and forth in giving fucks because I’m split in my reality and perception of myself.

I dance around my head for answers that no one will find, not even I.

So what will it be?

What’s the answer?

The answer is just breathe.

Let life overfill you. Let nature consume you. Let manmade creations fascinate you. Let your story write itself.

You don’t have to do anything but breathe.

Just breathe.

I hope you like this little fun tangent of my chaotic mind.


Annie 🙂

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