It’s been a couple month since I started my Shopify selling eco-friendly products.

One of my personal favorites is the bamboo cutlery set. I’m going to give my honest opinion about the product.

Rate : 4.5/5

If you want to transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle, this is a great item to have in your bag at all times. When you feel like you are going to grab a plastic spoon, fork, knife, or straw, you can just pull your bamboo one.

It’s so great to have because I never have to worry about having to use anything plastic when I go out to eat.

However, it gets difficult to bring home when it’s dirty and wet. I wouldn’t want to put it back into the bamboo set holder. When washing, it’s pretty quick and painless, until it’s the fork. Things get stuck to the bamboo so it can be a hassle to wash.

This hassle is something I’ve come to enjoy. That’s because I know that it comes with the territory of not using plastic. We are living in a society where everything is convenient or efficient or don’t waste my time. But what we see is that…this mentality is actually counterproductive as natural resources are depleting, the environment is struggling, and time is actually shortened.

Invest in some bamboo cutlery and take life a little slower. Make some time sacrifices to give the earth a longer lifetime.

Get your set here. 🙂


Annie 🙂

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