It’s so hard to go zero waste and I’ll assume we all agree. However, if there’s a will, there’s a way. There are many influencers out there who are committed to this lifestyle and have produced only a jar of waste in years!!!! Think about all your trash cans in your home, on your block, and in your city/town! This is a crazy lifestyle, it may seem. Maybe even extremist. But their efforts goes to show everyone can do their part, even if it is not their lifestyle.

These are my top Zero Waste Influencers to follow.

  1. YayforEarth – @stevieyaaaay gives advice on how to live a zero waste lifestyle through fun videos and photos. She also started her own brand called YayforEarth which is a lotion she created herself.
  2. YourEcoFriend – @yourecofriend is a micro-influencer but her words are still powerful and very insightful. She gives her best advice on zero waste and tells people to not worry to much over possible waste mistakes.
  3. ZeroWasteHome – @zerowastehome is the Founder of the Zero Waste Movement so you might really want to take her advice. She wrote the book for the zero waste lifestyle and inspired many people to take action. She and her family has been trash-free since 2008! Wow!
  4. TrashIsForTossers – @trashisfortossers is the Founder of PackageFreeShop which is a shop with no packaging and no plastic shipping. She lives in NYC and her story has pushed many people to pursue the same lifestyle.
  5. Intentionalism – @intentionalism is a mother of two and shows people the importance of a zero waste lifestyle especially with kids. It’s good to be one with nature and to share with them a lifestyle that will inspire generations to come.

Zero waste is a lifestyle that is hard to achieve but it’s worthwhile if you really work towards it. This is something I have yet to achieve myself but what I learn is that it’s all a process. It’s all about conscious living and to remind others of the better options that they can be making.

I hope you enjoyed this article and gave some lovely influencers a follow!

Green Love,

Annie 🙂

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