Want to grow an avocado?? It’ll take 10-15 years haha. However, the process of seeing it grow and nurtured is amazing. I’ll show you how to grow it step by step.

1. First, you take an avocado seed and peel the surrounding skin around it. It should look like the photo below.

2. Then you take the seed and poke 3 toothpicks around it.

3. Then get a cup of water filled almost to the brim. Put the avocado in it with the toothpicks carrying the seed while being submerged in water. (You can see the photos below)

4. Please be mindful of it and change the water frequently. I highly suggest a longer cup because the roots start to grow quickly.

5. Then make sure it’s in a place where it gets regular sunlight.

6. Watch it grow!!

7. After it gets to this point, if it’s still growing healthily, there’s no need to put it into soil. Now wait 10- 15 years LOL.

I hoped you liked this and I will update you all on its progress. You can follow me on Instagram for a more real time progress photos.


Annie 🙂


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